LadyDot Review: Balduin & Masha Ray – Wabababa

When electro swing meets folk music… Balduin & Masha Ray – “Wabababa”

Quite recently I reviewed a new Balduin song – “Yato”. This song stole my heart – just like all the other releases by this fantastic German duo. I can’t hide that I’m a huge fan of theirs and I’m always looking forward to new electro swing hits, which I immediately add to my playlist. After the release of the great, danceable “Dirty Dazzler” it was sure that this is not the last collaboration between Balduin and Masha Ray. And I finally got it: thanks to “Wabababa” we landed on a perfect electro swing party. And not in Germany, but somewhere in Eastern Europe.

Masha Ray is an incredibly original vocalist. Her voice is absolutely fascinating and seductive and, importantly, she sounds great live. Masha has a remarkable, original style (she also loves polka dots – so do I! :)) and she rocks her concerts perfectly. In “Wabababa” she shows a lot of skills: from high notes to characteristic folk flow. It’s really good!

Balduin constantly surprises us by releasing new, even more elaborate original songs. It’s great that we never know what to expect from Martin and Benedict! This time it was a brilliant mix of folk, Balkan music and club music with electro swing rhythm. When I listened to “Wabababa” for the first time, I immediately came to think of Crazy Redballs (I recently wrote a review of their song “Vodka Vodka”). I hope I gave you a cool idea for your next collaboration! :)

I’m trying my best to popularize electro swing in Poland. Why? Because I know that this music genre would reign at Polish parties. And “Wabababa”, both with Masha Ray‘s hypnotic vocal and in the instrumental version, is a real club firecracker. I can already see all those girls waving their skirts to the rhythm of “Wabababa” and the gentlemen raising another toast. So who’s having fun with me to the beat of this song? Like there’s no tomorrow! Dawai!

Written & reviewed by  LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2021-05-26

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