LadyDot Review: Fly Like An Eagle

Rise to the heights of your freedom – like an eagle! DJ Weide feat. Bonny Bee  – “Fly Like an Eagle”

What is freedom for you? For me, it is spontaneous travel without a plan, without a goal. Those that do not limit me in any way, allow me to temporarily cut myself off from routine and everyday life. Right now I am writing for you when I am on such a trip. While crossing vast mountainous areas of Romania, I was listening to “Fly Like an Eagle” by DJ Weide and Bonny Bee. And you know what? Thanks to this song this freedom came to me with redoubled force! You will soon see why.

Music is actually my middle name – when this song was published, I immediately knew it was a cover. The first version was composed in 1976 by the Steve Miller Band (I’m sure you’re familiar with their mega-popular song “Abracadabra”), and 20 years later, it was covered by soul-funk act Seal. And DJ Weide, after a fruitful collaboration with Bonny Bee after the release of the great, old-school “No More Lies”, presented us “Fly Like an Eagle” in a fresh, electro swing version. And thanks to many elements this song is almost completely different from the original.

Instead of a typically funky intro, we have a great melody in gypsy jazz style, played on guitar. Accelerated tempo energizes us from the first sound, and just after a while in “Fly Like an Eagle” Bonny Bee’s voice appears… I love how this woman builds emotions with her mature, well-trained vocal! She sings the verses very calmly, and when the chorus comes, it’s a real explosion. The mix by DJ Weide is worth mentioning. He added a lot of guitar elements, which match Bonny Bee’s voice perfectly, making us feel that everything creates a coherent whole.

I really like it when electro swing artists reach for unobvious songs of well-known and respected bands (I like it a bit less when they overcomplicate the hits – it is easy to overdo with remixing and the final effect may not be satisfactory for the listener). In this case DJ Weide and Bonny Bee provided us with a lot of good electro swing mixed with gypsy rhythms. I don’t know why, but usually I like the covers less than the original. And here it is quite the opposite – “Fly Like an Eagle” energizes me to rediscover my freedom.Even more so now that in my journey the only limitation is creativity and ingenuity, and my best companion is good music. Such as, for example, “Fly Like an Eagle”! :)

Written & reviewed by  LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2021-06-23

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Anna (LadyDot) was born in ’94, but always felt she came from the Golden Twenties. “Polka” in Polish means “girl from Poland”, so she’s “Polka in polka dots”. She loves vintage style and spontaneous travels around Europe. But her greatest love (apart from her husband) is of course music, especially Electro Swing.

On her own Blog www.jawizeruk.pl she writes about various music genres. She is a copywriter, so writing is her strong point. Anna likes singing (not only in the shower!) and cooking (especially Italian and Hungarian cuisine).

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