LadyDot Review: Jamie Berry & Octavia Rose – Make Me Believe

The great comeback of the legendary Electro Swing duo! Jamie Berry & Octavia Rose – “Make Me Believe”

The title of this review is not accidental for two reasons. Firstly, that was one of the comments posted on YouTube under this song. Secondly, Jamie Berry and Octavia Rose put out real hits every time. Their songs stick in your mind and you listen to them over and over again. And recently another hit has joined these songs – “Make Me Believe”. The word ‘legendary’ in relation to this duo is not exaggerated – it’s simply true!

I remember that “Delight”, which they created together, was one of the first Electro Swing songs I heard in my life. You can’t even imagine how happy I was one time while watching commercials on TV (yes, seriously, I’m one of the few people who loves watching commercials! Haha), Jamie Berry and Octavia Rose’s “Delight” suddenly played in the background (I think it was a Fiat Tipo commercial). I listened to this song very often over the following weeks. But let’s move on to “Make Me Believe” – after all, you already know “Delight” very well!

At the very beginning I had the impression that this song is a combination of “Peeping Tom” and “Light Up the Night” – in any case it forms a coherent whole with them. After a typical Electro Swing introduction we finally hear Octavia. Her sweet, girlish voice captivates me from the very first sounds. Flawless, charming and so beautifully harmonizing with every part of the song… While we are enjoying her vocals, a moment later a surprise awaits us: Jamie has prepared for us a strong electronic house sound, which reminds me a little of Martin Solveig’s tracks.

With all these elements Jamie Berry and Octavia Rose have produced a great, perfectly balanced Electro Swing track, which with its lively tempo and electrifying trumpet creates a brilliant retro vibe. In my mind’s eye I can already see all those dancers choreographing to this track. :) I assure you that “Make Me Believe” will light up the night and make your party go on and on!

Written & reviewed by  LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2021-08-05

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