LadyDot Review: Balduin & Offbeat – I Need Sleep

A Swing Hop melody that will keep you awake! Balduin & Offbeat – “I Need Sleep”

Raise your hands to all those who, through browsing memes or scrolling Instagram, couldn’t get to sleep, despite their great intentions. I can already see that forest of hands! :) And scientists told us not to use a smartphone two hours before bedtime… Balduin and Offbeat understand this condition perfectly, which is why they recently released the brilliant track “I Need Sleep”.

This composition is a great swing hop, which is definitely different from Balduin‘s previous releases. If I heard this track without knowing it was by my favourite Electro Swing duo, I would only recognise it by… that distinctive melody coming from Benedikt’s saxophone. Seriously! Even my husband thought that “I Need Sleep” was composed by LVDS! So for us it was a mega positive surprise. Swing hop that fits perfectly into the holiday mood – that’s it! But my holiday was a long time ago and the first thing I said when I came back to work was “I Need Sleep”! :)

Nothing goes with swing hop like a good vocal. I loved Offbeat for its great rhythmic rapping to “Swing in Spring” and “Very Nice People”. I was happy to hear him on Balduin‘s new song. He has such a great flow that “I Need Sleep” makes me sway from the very first notes. P.S. I really like his English accent!

When I found out that Balduin will be playing a concert in September, I immediately wanted to buy tickets. It would be great to finally be able to listen to their cult songs live – after all, Germany is not that far from Poland. Then I looked at the map and got a shock: the route Warsaw-Frankfurt am Main – 11 hours by car! Hey, guys, I know you’re reading this. :) Play a concert a bit closer.I’d definitely come to Berlin for you – it’s only a five and a half hour drive!

Back to “I Need Sleep”.You already know what to do next time you’re browsing the internet at night – just listen to this song. Although I can’t guarantee you’ll fall asleep – “I Need Sleep” can also make you, like me, automatically get +50 to energy after playing it. You listen at your own risk!

Written & reviewed by  LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2021-08-14

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