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Electro Swing – music that will make you feel good. So good. EP review: Klischée – “Late Check-Out”

As you are well aware, I love to write about travel in my reviews. I rarely stay in hotels because I much prefer spontaneous booking opportunities on accommodation search portals (when I travel in Europe, I never plan where exactly I will stay. It’s always a big surprise for me!). Today, however, I’m going to make an exception and check in by choosing the “Late Check-Out” option. And, of course, Klischée’s EP of the same title will be playing on the speakers. Make yourselves comfortable in your hotel (or home) rooms and enjoy this fantastic Electro Swing!

“L’arrivée” – the best to start this journey!

I appreciate Klischée for many (not bad! :D) things, and one of them is the incredible attention to detail. All elements are done “for something” and on the “Late Check-Out” EP there is absolutely nothing accidental. The intro “L’arrivée” fits in perfectly here and is a brilliant introduction to “Bad Things” – I’ll warn you in advance that this song will totally delight you.

“Bad Things”

Don’t let the name fool you! After listening to this Electro Swing (or rather swing pop) track you will get a solid dose of positive energy. In the foreground there are wind instruments, which will accompany us until the end of the EP. Thanks to them I have the impression that even a cloudy day has warm, sunny colours. And then there are those fantastic pop vocals that make you want to reach for the microphone (in my case, even the one made from a showerhead) and add your parts to this melodic, energetic track.

Let me tell you a secret: it’s one of my husband’s favourites! He liked it so much that when we were on the Eurotrip in the Balkans this summer, he wanted me to play “Bad Things” almost every day. Now, whenever he wants to listen to this song, he starts humming the theme to me between the chorus and the stanza – and I already know what he means!

“So Good”

Thanks to this song, none of my roller skating will ever be the same again. It seems to have become my routine that when I go to the park, only “So Good” sounds in my headphones anymore. I love this song for the incredible build up of tension between the stanza and the chorus – it’s a real rollercoaster! From the calm voice of the singer, through the light sounds of the trumpet, to a total musical bomb, where she is joined by other instruments. And while we’re on the subject of the singer’s voice, she reminds me a bit of Becky Hill or Jess Glynne. She sings fantastically and I wish her music career would gain as much momentum as those stars.

Exactly! I’d forgotten about this brilliant music video. First of all, it’s perfectly shot (confirmed by the cameraman, that is my husband – seriously, I have a feeling he’s about to knock me off the leading position among Polish Klischée fans :( ). Plus a brilliant script that blends fantastically with the hotel theme from the “Bad Things” video!

“Le Wéekend”

I have already talked about how much I love French songs when I reviewed one by the band Lamuzgueule. My love for this language has been going on for a long time, although I don’t remember much of it anymore. Fortunately, the word “weekend” is used in many parts of the world, so after the first sounds of this song you can already feel the vibe that comes with a Friday afternoon after the end of the working day.

I must admit to you that this song was not my “love at first hearing”. I had to play it several times before I was fully convinced. Maybe I had this impression because the other songs from the “Late Check-Out” EP, which were released gradually, are real hits that immediately fall into your memory. Now I can’t imagine any house party without this song! It’s incredibly rhythmic, funky, filled to the brim with interludes played on the trumpet, and towards the end we are enchanted by the simple sound of the guitar. And if you want to go a step further, you can learn the choreography from the video! :)

“Get This (Bang Bang)”

After the first sounds of this song we get a big dose of sweetness coming from the vocalist’s voice. As I’ve already mentioned, the guys from Klischée take great care of every detail, which also applies to the choice of people to perform the songs. I can’t imagine that “Get This (Bang Bang)” could have been sung by someone else. This simple, catchy melody with an interesting Electro Swing motif falls into your memory right after the first playing. In this case, the simple concept worked perfectly: there are not many instrumental additions in the song apart from the brass section, characteristic of the whole EP, and a lively, energetic beat. “Get This (Bang Bang)” is fantastic for motivating and stimulating me – it works on me a bit like coffee. You can say that this is a real banger, which will surely make many a house party. Although personally I’d rather hear it live and rock the party in front of the stage!

Late Check-Out EP – music that will make your whole week!

I think this EP is a bit of a reflection of every day of my week. “Get This (Bang Bang)” I love listening to it on a Monday or Tuesday to motivate myself. I feel the same way about “So Good”. “Bad Things” gets me in the mood for a good time before the weekend, and “Le Wéekend”, as you suspect, rocks my Saturday before party. And if the “Late Check-Out” EP isn’t enough to fill your week with good music, you can fill the gap with other Klischée hits – for example the electro swinging “Mais Non”, the real musical bomb “Swing It Like Roger” or my favourite “Tin Tin”. I guarantee that you have a lot to choose from!

Written & reviewed by  LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2021-10-02

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