LadyDot Review: Moira – Limonade (Tallulah Goodtimes Remix)

Sweet life with a dash of sour lemon! Moira – “Limonade” (Tallulah Goodtimes Remix)

Probably by the time you read this review, I will already be on a short holiday in Sicily and sipping lemonade made from lemons picked straight from the tree. Admittedly, the song I’m going to tell you about today, “Limonade”, is sung in French, but as we will see later, it has some Italian accents. I guarantee that all these joyful sounds will perfectly refresh you and quench your thirst for good music. Lots of ice, a few lemons and some sweets – drink ready? Then we’re ready to go!

Sour Lemonade – Sweet Life!

When I listen to “Limonade” performed by MOIRA, I have the impression that this song is sung by… ZAZ. At least, that was my husband’s first impression, as he is a huge fan of this French artist. MOIRA is a Swiss artist who not only wrote the lyrics to this fantastic song, but also created the composition and of course sang it beautifully. The song is perfectly complemented by an excellent video, which carries a very clear message. Even if things don’t go your way and life has a sour taste from time to time, you can still… sweeten it up a bit by turning negative things into something positive, which will motivate you to bring a whole lot of optimism into your everyday life!

Freshly Squeezed Citrus Electro Swing Remix

I love the remixes created by Tallulah Goodtimes. They are simple, yet perfectly balanced. Every sound is used for a reason, there are no coincidences here. I’m glad she kept a lot of the original elements from “Limonade” while adding great Electro Swing elements – the sped up tempo and those disco transitions – Tallulah is just a perfect DJ! I would love to eventually hit a party hosted by her. I would have a great time for sure!

I really, really like the Balkan music elements in this song. The lush sound of the clarinet and trombone, the energising guitar and those distinctive drums put me in a great mood. And they remind me of my trip to the Balkans this summer. I love that feeling when, thanks to music, holidays can last all year long!

Summary and… an Italian touch in “Limonade”!

At the beginning of this text I mentioned that I am currently in Sicily. And it so happens that the mixing and mastering of “Limonade” was done by PiSk from my beloved band Swingrowers, which comes from this sunny island. If it wasn’t for Tallulah writing me about it, I probably wouldn’t have found any information about it. And so I wonder… I wonder how many other fantastic Electro Swing songs PiSk has had a hand in. Surely a whole lot – after all he is a real professional!

I think it’s time for me to go back to tasting more Sicilian delicacies. I leave you with “Limonade” in your speakers (or headphones) – this track is sure to bring you a whole lot of joy. Remember: life is sweet, but without a little sour it would be too bland and boring!

Written & reviewed by  LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2021-12-09

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