LadyDot Review: The Puppini Sisters – Dear Santa, I Can Explain

It’s Christmas time in a swinging rhythm! Pin-up madness with
The Puppini Sisters: a review of the EP “Dear Santa, I Can Explain”

Recently I wrote a review of Valerie Giglio’s Christmas EP “Electro Jingle Swing!”, which was full of musical experiments. And today we’re going to go back to some classic swing inspirations and feel the magic of Christmas together with The Puppini Sisters – thanks to their fantastic EP “Dear Santa, I Can Explain”. Whether you’ve been good or bad this year, treat yourself to this enchanting musical feast before the holidays officially begin and before you sit down to dinner with your families!

“Jingle Jangle”

I can’t describe how expressly I felt the atmosphere of Christmas – and that from the very first sounds of this song! Those bells, the crazy brass section and the strong, energetic Electro Swing theme in the intro are a great introduction to what we are about to hear. It will be… perfectly synchronized vocals! If you listen carefully to their sound, you will immediately discover a multitude of unique vocal colours of these charming women.

They warm me up on these cold December evenings! This is exactly how I imagined the introduction of this EP. A whole lot of pin-up sweetness that surrounds us with a positive aura and puts us in a festive mood. Listening to “Jingle Jangle” it’s simply impossible not to swing to the rhythm of this track and snap your fingers!

“Dear Santa, I Can Explain”

Fancy some jazzy vocals and a bit of relaxation? I guarantee you that these brilliant harmonic voices will relax and soothe you during the Christmas rush. Wrapping presents, preparing various delicacies and waiting for guests will no longer be so stressful. Listen to the soft, subtle sounds of the piano and fully enjoy this magical time. And once you’ve lost yourself in this soothing sound, be sure to pay attention to this song lyric!

It’s fun explaining to Santa why you’ve committed so many little sins this year that puts a smile on my face. It’s only in my head that I quickly try to do an examination of conscience and it turns out that after all, all of us have done something wrong this year. Trying is the most important thing, so don’t worry – you certainly deserve lots of presents! One of them may be the song “Dear Santa, I Can Explain” from The Puppini Sisters! :)


A whole host of Christmas songs with swing arrangements have already been written. Why do we love them so much? Above all, they make our bodies sway involuntarily to the rhythm of the catchy tune. And, of course, to the perfect recipe for a Christmas hit you have to add a lot of wind instruments, which are almost the most important element of swing. “C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S” is the musical alphabet of our associations with Christmas.

Listen well to the lyrics and suddenly Father Christmas will appear in front of your eyes, squeezing through the chimney, a mass of presents under the Christmas tree and a beautiful winter landscape with a lot of snow. And even if we can’t count on a white Christmas this year, I guarantee that the magnetising, beautiful voices of The Puppini Sisters will totally enchant you. And in your imagination there will appear an image just like in this fantastic Christmas song.

“Twas The Night (Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy)”

This wonderful fairytale theme taken straight from Peter Tchaikovsky’s 19th century ballet “The Nutcracker” takes on a unique character thanks to the brilliant vocals of The Puppini Sisters. A gentle melody from a music box relaxes us and puts us in a mysterious mood. Subtle piano, warm sound of double bass, the sound of bells, pure, flawless voices… It sounds like a really perfect lullaby! I can’t imagine a better closing track for the “Dear Santa, I Can Explain” EP. I tried it out and I confirm: with the swinging “Twas The Night (Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy)” you really fall asleep expressively. Of course not from boredom, but from total relaxation!

Bottom line – it’s time for a pin-up Christmas!

The Puppini Sisters are true Christmas song specialists. If you haven’t had a chance to get to know their work before, you should definitely catch up and update your playlist with other songs from the “Christmas With The Puppini Sisters” album. I wholeheartedly recommend them to you!

Ok, have you already prepared your favourite Christmas jumper or the most elegant dress that you have been preparing especially for this occasion? Have you cooked all the dishes for the day? Then I have nothing else to wish you, my dear readers: Merry Christmas! Above all, I wish you good health and a whole lot of fantastic musical (and electro swing, of course!) discoveries. Who knows, maybe you will discover the magic of Christmas while listening to “Dear Santa, I Can Explain”? :)

Written & reviewed by  LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2021-12-23

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