LadyDot Review: DUHAN & Miriam & The Quinces – Let It All Go

Electro Swing duo that delights us with every sound. DUHAN, Miriam & The Quinces – “Let It All Go”

I try to discover new music every day. And no, it is absolutely not just Electro Swing! I listen to dozens of different songs, I add them to my playlist… When I recently got sick, I couldn’t listen to music for a few days. With every note I listened to, my head hurt more and more and after a few seconds I turned the speakers off.

It was like the worst punishment for me. I decided to gradually get used to the beat of the bass and other sounds, and “Let It All Go”, the new song by DUHAN and Miriam & The Quinces, was perfect for this purpose. Why did it captivate me so much? I will explain it all to you in a moment!

Sounds That Heal

As I am sure you all know, this is not the first joint track by DUHAN and Miriam & The Quinces. A few months ago the truly brilliant “Turn Around” was released. Already then I felt that we won’t have to wait long for another collaboration of these artists. You could feel the fantastic energy between them and perfect musical understanding, which can also be clearly heard in “Let It All Go”.

This track is a veritable mine of well-chosen sounds. A typically swinging beginning encourages me even more to listen carefully to the melody based mainly on the piano. Despite the headache, I don’t mind at all when DUHAN adds a bass line after a while. Now I know that this Electro Swing will enchant me! Wind instruments play a secondary role here. We can hear them very clearly in the chorus, but they also run through the whole song, creating a harmonious whole with the other instruments. I just fell in love with this delicate guitar solo, which appears in the middle and at the end of the song. And that brilliant mix…

A Voice That Hypnotises And Relaxes

Once before, when reviewing Lamuzgueule’s album “Iceberg Club”, I wrote to you about how much I love it when French-speaking artists sing in English while keeping their typical accent. In “Let It All Go,” I noticed this right away. Miriam is an incredibly talented singer – that we all know. This accent sounds really perfect and it makes me feel that the performance of this song is even more original, unique. Pure, flawless tone of Miriam’s voice adds an incredible charm and musical magic to “Let It All Go”. I can hear every word extremely clearly – as if I were listening to some story Miriam wants to tell us. It is really a fantastic feeling!


I’m very, very glad that Slovakia has such a great, talented Electro Swing representative. Recently I read that DUHAN also collaborated with Max The Sax, who used to perform with Parov Stelar (interesting fact: I read this article in Slovak – this language is really very similar to Polish! :)) Of course I listened to “Ask the Dust” and this time I wasn’t disappointed either.

Creativity and diversity – this is what DUHAN presents to us in their songs every time. And Miriam… I won’t stop raving about her fantastic voice for a long time. I’m impatiently waiting for their next collaboration. Until then, I’ll enjoy every sound of “Turn Around” and “Let It All Go”! :)

Written & reviewed by  LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2022-02-07

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