LadyDot Review: Seventeen (Electro Swing Spin)

You can fall in love with this Electro Swing song!
Glenn Gatsby & Luke & The Belleville Orchestra – “Seventeen”

Two months ago Luke & The Belleville Orchestra released the single “Seventeen”. Quite recently, at the end of January, an Electro Swing Spin version was released, created by Glenn Gatsby. I will tell you a little bit about it today. I’ve listened to both singles 3549458 times (maybe I exaggerated, but it’s a fact: when I’m writing reviews for you, I play the song for a few days to describe what’s the best in it :)), so it was quite a task to compare the two versions.

As you know, I love a challenge and I was happy to take it. Are you curious what conclusions I reached? I invite you to read my latest, already the 40th (!) review in the “LadyDot Review” series. I’m very excited to present this song to you today, on Valentine’s Day. Let’s turn this day into a celebration of love for music (and in our case, Electro Swing, of course! :))

This Orchestra Rocks!

I’ve already heard of Luke & The Belleville Orchestra with the release of their heavily swinging album “Speakeasy” in 2019. I love them for combining classic typical swing instruments with contemporary electronic solutions with such fantastic care. When I saw news of the release of the new single, I knew full well that it would be somewhat of a combination of all those elements found on the album. I also expected something unique, surprising. And that’s exactly what I got!

In “Seventeen” my heart was immediately stolen by the combination of rhythmic rapping (King Marino, great job!) with a really great beat that makes me immediately start swaying. I’m really glad that Glenn Gatsby didn’t modify this part of the track too much, because it’s really brilliant. Combined with the balanced sound of Max’s double bass, the drum programming makes for a perfectly constructed rhythm section. A big round of applause also goes to Melissa Stott for that fantastic vocal. This classic swing timbre perfectly complements the whole song. Attention: this voice is addictive!

I can’t tell you how much I love this guitar solo, which after a while gives way to an electrifying trumpet. Luca and Josué did a great job here! These very elements are my favourite parts of “Seventeen”. Do you agree with me?

Glenn Gatsby As Always On Form!

I have already written about Glenn Gatsby, for example, when reviewing the song “Every Now And Then”, which he created in collaboration with Sonia Elisheva. I already raved about the song then, and now I can safely say that it is one of my favourite tracks released in 2021. That’s why I knew it would be hard to top this success. Despite the fact that I like his version of ‘Seventeen’ a lot, it can’t dethrone ‘Every Now And Then’. Not yet, although I might change my mind one day. :)

However, let’s focus on “Seventeen”, because this track undoubtedly deserves attention. Why? First of all, I have the impression that Luke & The Belleville Orchestra offered us a slightly conservative version, while Glenn Gatsby added some more energy to it, sped up the tempo a bit and made his interpretation even more danceable. It’s like improving a song that is truly brilliant in its own right.

As a conclusion I have to say: Luke, Glenn and the rest – you did a great job. One can really fall in love with “Seventeen” – even more so on Valentine’s Day! :)

Written & reviewed by  LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2022-02-14

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