Electro Swing in American style: get ready for a massive boom!
Duke Skellington & Emma Lea – “Boomtown Boom”

The history of Electro Swing is very interesting indeed. The songwriting scheme is largely based on swing, which originated in the USA in the 1930s. In the case of Electro Swing it is a bit different, because the first songs composed in this music genre were released in Europe.

Fortunately, music has no borders and so Electro Swing began to be popularised in America, Asia or Africa – for example by Betty Booom. And while we’re at it, get ready for a massive boom, because today I’m going to tell you about a new song by Duke Skellington and Emma Lea – “Boomtown Boom”.

A DJ From The USA Is Making A Big Boom!

I’ll honestly admit that I first heard Duke Skellington’s songs last year. It was then that I heard his remix of Kumiho’s track “Spooky”. The distinctive effects he added to this song immediately intrigued me. I started following him on Instagram and watching videos of events where he was behind the DJ console. I wondered when he would release something new, because I wanted to finally review one of his songs.

And finally that time has come! “Boomtown Boom” is a real electrifying musical bomb. I love the fast rhythm, the brilliant sound effects between the chorus and stanza and most of all the fantastic saxophone that intertwines wonderfully with Emma’s vocals. Duke mixes his songs brilliantly. He builds tension and gradually builds up the dynamics so that the listener does not feel bored from the first seconds to the end of the song.

Duke And Emma = A Perfect Musical Combination

When I saw that the song “Boomtown Boom” was sung by Emma Lea, even before playing the song I knew it was going to be really good! Why? Because this singer has already made an electrifying impression on me once before. I’m talking, of course, about the song “Keep On Smilin” by Wolfgang Lohr, who invited her and the brilliant Ashley Slater to collaborate on this track (you can find a review of his two songs, which I wrote a few months ago, here).

Emma Lea charmed me with her energetic vocals right away. I was even more excited to listen to her sing once again, with “Boomtown Boom”. And I can’t imagine that anyone else could perform this song with such incredible energy, passion and commitment as Emma Lea did.

Time For A Quick Recap!

I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t write a few more words about the saxophone. When you play “Boomtown Boom”, be sure to pay attention to this brilliant solo (around 02:20). Together with the strong electronic sounds, these saxophone sounds combine just perfectly.

“Boomtown Boom” is the last track from Duke Skellington’s latest EP – “Future Swing Time Machine”. In my opinion it is the best song from this album. It makes the main electronic theme impossible to get out of my head, which doesn’t stop rhythmically moving whenever I hear this banger. Here is everything that I love most about Electro Swing: the sound of the saxophone, the inspiration of swing elements and above all the amazing creativity of the artists who created this song. Duke, Emma – well done! :)

Written & reviewed by  LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2022-02-28

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