Electro Swing Song That Could Shake Up This Year’s ESC!
DELADAP & Wolfgang Lohr – “Easy Kiss”

I have been a Eurovision fan for many years. Ok, I’ll admit honestly that I almost never liked the songs that represented the country I come from, Poland (but this year will be different – Ochman and his song “River” is one of my favourites!). I usually cheered for artists from abroad – their proposals were usually much better. Of course, a lot of times I thought about how it would be if one of my favourite Electro Swing artists had a chance to perform on the Eurovision stage. And this year, DELADAP and Wolfgang Lohr came very close to representing Austria in this international competition. Today I will tell you about “Easy Kiss” and… other Electro Swing Eurovision songs!

DELADAP’s Second Attempt At Eurovision

Did you know that in 2012 DELADAP had a really great chance to represent Austria in the Eurovision Song Contest? “Crazy Swing” was a real explosive mix! In it you will hear a whole lot of Balkan rhythms and a brilliant brass section. Unfortunately, however, the band was disqualified due to presenting the song to the public before the deadline set in the regulations.

It’s a pity, because with this song, in my opinion, they had a really great chance to be in the final of the show. “Crazy Swing” has everything that Eurovision fans expect – first of all, it is expressly catchy and makes you dance. And although DELADAP could have submitted another song, unfortunately, in my opinion, the quite good “Don’t Turn Around” could not compare to the excellent “Crazy Swing”. Maybe if not for this unfortunate disqualification, Electro Swing would have become even more popular in 2012? Who knows…

“Easy Kiss” – The perfect Song For ESC?

After 10 years DELADAP are back in the game. And right away with a really strong hit! An intro based on an electronic theme broken by a delicate piano… It promises to be really good! After a while the brilliant Melinda Stoika starts to enchant us with her vocals. When she sings “Easy, easy…” I totally associate it with the song “Love me, love me, say that you love me”. You too? :)

I love DELADAP’s musical experiments. Stani Vana is for me a complete, total artist. He knows how to charm the audience and how to compose a song that can become a hit. And yes, he also knows perfectly well who to work with to create such hits! We are of course talking about Wolfgang Lohr. That fantastic characteristic trombone playing somewhere in the background is your work – I knew it already after the first listen of “Easy Kiss”! And those typical mixes between transitions to the next part of the song… This song is expressly catchy!

I’m very sad that DELADAP and Wolfgang Lohr only made it to the top four in the Austrian competition. In my opinion they deserve a much better place! But since you can’t perform on the Eurovision stage now, why don’t you at least organize a concert together? :)

Electro Swing At Eurovision Song Contest

Did you know that several Electro Swing songs have been presented at Eurovision over the past years?

In 2015, the band Electro Velvet from the UK surprised us with an incredibly melodic track – “Still in Love With You”. Unfortunately, this song didn’t rank very high – it only landed at number 24. However, in my opinion it paved the way for other Electro Swing songs. My favourite Eurovision song is “Lie To Me” by Mikoláš Josef from the Czech Republic. Fantastic theme played on brass instruments, brilliant 20’s style outfit and great vocals by Mikolas earned him 6th place in the competition. Although for me he totally deserved to win!

Last year I was incredibly impressed by Destiny from Malta. She perfectly performed the song “Je Me Casse”. Here, there was no doubt that it was a typical Electro Swing composition – between the chorus and the verses there were brass instruments and electronic sound effects going crazy. To this day, I can’t believe it only took 7th place.

Summary – Third Time Lucky!

Everyone who is involved in any kind of artistic work knows that the key to success is steadfastness and constant striving to achieve your goals. Performing at the Eurovision Song Contest is surely a dream come true for many a singer, DJ or band. DELADAP is a brilliant musical project consisting of people full of passion for Electro Swing.

I believe that Stani Vana will still surprise us and compose another excellent song, which this time will win the Austrian pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. Because I know that there is a huge potential in him – in November I reviewed his new album “Play”, (you can read the review here), which contains a lot of fantastic songs.

I strongly believe that DELADAP has not said his last word yet, and maybe in a year or two, or even in a few years, he will try for the third time to take part in the Eurovision preselection. I, as always, will keep my fingers crossed for him! :)

Written & reviewed by  LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2022-03-14

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