The perfect combination:
Austrian Indie Swing and Swiss Electro Swing!
Marina & The Kats – “Pressure” (Klischée Remix)

On 11 March a whole host of excellent Electro Swing songs were released. That’s how it is, sometimes I take a long time to decide which song to review. It also happens that I make such a decision instantly, after the first listening of a single. In this case it was exactly like that. As you know, I’m a big fan of Klischée and I never miss a release of their new songs.

It’s just that the hardest thing to do is to review songs you really like – that’s what I had to do with “Pressure”, a remix of a song by Marina & The Kats, which is being discussed today. However, it is much easier to write a review when you have discovered a really fantastic band through a remix. So I’m going to tell you a little bit about Indie Swing, which is the musical genre in which Marina & The Kats create. And of course I will write what I think about the song “Pressure”. I won’t put pressure on you, but you simply have to listen to this song!

Indie Swing Straight From Vienna

When I was preparing to review this text, I listened to a lot of tracks by Marina & The Kats. I knew that Klischée had remixed their song “Stick to What You Got” in the past, but I hadn’t had the chance to listen to the original before. I’m grateful to the guys that they did a remix of “Pressure”, because it gave me a better understanding of the Indie Swing genre that Marina & The Kats represent.

Now I know that with new versions of various songs I can discover other fantastic bands. Since then, several songs by Marina & The Kats have made it to my “favourites” playlist. I really like the 2021 album “Different” and I regret that I discovered it so late!

But let’s go back to “Pressure”. What catches your attention from the very first moments is the charming, interesting timbre of Marina’s voice. I tried to compare it to some other female vocalists, but I couldn’t find a clear association. In my opinion she sounds like a combination of Caro Emerald and Zoé Colotis from Caravan Palace, but at the same time she creates her own unique style. And those drums… I love the sound of drums, and in the original version of “Pressure” you can hear them really clearly.

“Pressure” – A Remix That I Can’t Stop Looping

I recently told myself that I would be more critical of songs. Only how am I supposed to do that when Klischée release better and better songs every time? “Pressure” is a remix that I’m sure I’ve listened to dozens of times since the day it was released. I recently played it at a party and all my friends were delighted!

What captivated me about this song? It won’t surprise anyone that I was most impressed by the brass section, which we hear between the choruses and stanzas. This theme is a real Electro Swing masterpiece! I’m very glad that Klischée decided to speed up the tempo considerably – there is no doubt that “Pressure” is a very party, energetic track. One that immediately improves my mood and perfectly harmonises with the sun, which has been towering over Poland for many days now! :)

I’m very happy that one of the elements they left almost unchanged is this gypsy guitar solo. One of Marina’s Kats played it really brilliantly!


These four guys from Switzerland have long enchanted me with their creativity, careful sound selection and immense musical talent. So much so that for some time now, one of my biggest dreams is to go to their gig. With every newly released song I want it even more. And note: my husband does too! I’ve written to you before about how much he loves “Bad Things”.

I recently asked Klischée if they were planning gigs in other countries besides Switzerland. Unfortunately, Belgium and southern Germany are a bit far for me from Warsaw, but I’ll do my best to come to one of them. I don’t know how I’ll organise it yet, but I’m sure – we’ll meet under the stage later this year! Okay, now, as I write this, I feel a lot of pressure, but what do you not do to make your dreams come true? :)

Written & reviewed by  LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2022-03-28

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