LadyDot Review: Golden Sound (PiSk Remix)

PiSk’s big comeback – great Electro Swing remix madness!
Mista Trick and Elle & The Pocket Belles – „Golden Sound” (PiSk Remix)

PiSk’s big comeback – great Electro Swing remix madness! Mista Trick and Elle & The Pocket Belles – „Golden Sound” (PiSk Remix)

I’ve recently become very intrigued by Electro Swing remixes. Now I have rediscovered their magic. Why? Because in my opinion, different versions of songs encourage us to get to know the work of our favourite artists even better. Besides, remixes allow every Electro Swing DJ to present to us his (or her) own unique style.

There are no rules here – the only thing that limits such artists is their own creativity. And I don’t doubt that they usually have really great ideas, because we’ve already found out about it many times. Today I invite you to read my review of a remix by PiSk, who this time created a new version of Mista Trick’s track “Golden Sound”.

“Golden Sound” – Solid Gold (but not from the first hearing!)

The truth is that when I saw the info about PiSK’s new remix, I was so intrigued that I listened to his version first and then the original. However, what Mista Trick created undoubtedly deserves attention. I still regret that I didn’t review his really great album “You” – if you like combining Electro Swing with drum’n’bass, you will surely enjoy this music. I must admit that I had to listen to this album twice to be completely convinced – sometimes I just do that, how about you?

After hearing “Golden Sound” for the first time last year, I didn’t remember this track. And now I’ve noticed what’s most beautiful about it. Those characteristic, incredibly distinct influences of classic swing, the enchanting depth of the voice of the girls from Elle & The Pocket Belles and, above all, a whole lot of perfectly complementing instruments.

This exquisite brass section, perfectly harmonising with the strong beat of the drums and the delicate guitar playing in a gypsy style, I will remember for a long time! Mista Trick also treated us to a great piano solo – be sure to pay attention to it, you will hear it at the end of the track. PiSk added something else here, but I will write about it in a moment.

PiSk is back! Finally!

If you are an Electro Swing fan, you surely know that PiSk (Roberto Costa), is in fact one of the members of the brilliant Swingrowers. I love his compositions, both the ones he made for this band and all his remixes. If I were to list my favourite tracks he’s produced, I’d probably have to list all of PiSk’s songs from Spotify! :) I especially recommend his remixes of Cab Calloway (one of my favourite swing artists), i.e. “Jumpin’ Jive” and “Minnie the Moocher”, as well as his reworking of the original Cut Capers song “Say What”. PiSk, however, have yet to release anything new this year. Until 23 March…

PiSk always speeds up the tempo and in my opinion, it worked perfectly in “Golden Sound”. Thanks to this, the track is incredibly energetic, stimulating and encourages you to party (I checked it last weekend, haha!). PiSk decided to expose mainly the sound of the brass section, which I really like. What’s more, he added a wonderful trumpet to the piano solo, which gives “Golden Sound” a really unique character.

Well, today’s summary will be very short: thanks to Mista Trick and PiSk we have two brilliant versions of the song – which one you choose for today depends solely on you and your mood! :)

Written & reviewed by  LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2022-04-11

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