LadyDot Review: Swing’it – King Of The Conga (Glenn Gatsby Remix)

A wild Latin party in the rhythm of… Electro Swing! Swing’it – King of the Conga (Glenn Gatsby Remix)

I recently got the impression that I should rename my review series from “LadyDot Review” to “Remix Reviews by LadyDot”, haha! :) I can’t help it – Electro Swing artists have been releasing really good remixes, which are impossible to pass by indifferently.

Today I’ll tell you about a track that not only will rock your party, but also expressly takes you to South America, where latino rhythms reign! I invite you to a review of “King of the Conga ” – the original song is performed by the band Swing’it, and recently a remix by Glenn Gatsby was released on the Electro Swing Thing label.

Swing’it – for the love of swing!

The band Swing’it has long since stolen my heart – in their compositions you can hear how much they love classic swing. Each song is created with incredible passion and love for the good old days, which none of us has the right to remember. I especially love them for “Champagne” – this song very often resounds in my speakers when I’m getting ready for a party at the weekend!

Ok, let’s now focus on the song “King of the Conga”. Listening to it, this is exactly how I picture Latin swing. I haven’t found any information that swing was popular in South American countries in the 1920s or 1930s, and I sincerely doubt it. But if it was, I think this song performed by Swing’it would have totally messed up the music market back then!

What do I like most about “King of the Conga”? I love that strong brass section entrance that unfolds so beautifully throughout the song. Combined with those crazy wild drums and the subtle guitar sound, these sounds blend in perfectly. And then there’s Jonah’s slightly predatory, powerful vocals… It’s really very good! And can it be even better…?

Glenn Gatsby – for the love of… electro swing! :)

From the information I found about Swing’it on social media, their music is heavily inspired by the character of The Great Gatsby and his crazy parties. Well, I guess no one else could remix “King of the Conga” as perfectly as our Electro Swing Great Glenn Gatsby… :)

Exactly, since we are already on the topic of Glenn Gatsby… I hope you listened to the original version of “King of the Conga” first, because what you are going to hear now is definitely different from what the Swing’it band offered us. The fact that the song is converted into Electro Swing, of course, does not have to be explained to anyone. You can recognize it for example by the accelerated tempo, disco-house elements and mixing, which is totally characteristic for Glenn Gatsby’s work.

“King of the Conga” in the Electro Swing version doesn’t contain as many instruments, so you won’t hear all those solos that were in the original track from Swing’it. I personally love it when artists use a lot of instruments in the production of musical pieces. But on the other hand, because Glenn Gatsby used less instruments and additionally replaced them with electronic elements, it makes the song much more memorable. Do you also think so? I can’t stop humming “I’m the King of the Conga…” and I’ll probably be singing it for a long time! :)

Written & reviewed by  LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2022-05-16

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