LadyDot Review: Lamuzgueule – Posture

New single, new singer and new vision of Electro Swing!

As you know, I set off on my Eurotrip on the 16th of June. I decided to write a few reviews before I left so as not to interrupt the continuity of my writing. I planned which songs I would review and then… Lamuzgueule thwarted my plans by releasing an excellent single “Posture” on 8 June.

You know how much I like them, so I quickly postponed the publication of other reviews so I could tell you about this banger! So, shall we get started?

A New Voice On The Lamuzgueule Board

As you may know, the fantastic vocalist Déborah left the band this year, a few months after the release of the album “Iceberg Club” (you can read my review of that album HERE). I loved her amazing flow and how great she sounded with Romain in a duet. I was afraid it would be very hard to replace her, but I kept my faith in Lamuzgueule and I believed they would find a really good singer to replace her.

And I wasn’t wrong, because Agathe is simply wonderful! She captivated me with her clear, girlish voice with an amazing power. I watched her perform on The Voice, then Lamuzgueule regularly posted videos of Agathe singing with Romain (their French-language version of Dua Lipa’s “Levitating” stole my heart!). I couldn’t get over how quickly she fitted into this Electro Swing vibe, but I was still unsatisfied. I waited and waited, and finally we got to hear the first official single from her.

Agathe, you can be sure that I’ll write about you again. And that somewhere out there in Poland you have a new fan! :)

“Posture” – A Perfect Start And A New Era For Lamuzgueule

Okay, after this long introduction I think you’d like to finally know what I think about Lamuzgueule’s latest single “Posture”. I won’t keep you in suspense any longer, but you can probably expect that I’m as delighted as possible! And you know what? That was already the case after the first listen of this song. “Posture” enters your head expressly, so I hummed this song all day long, jumping and having a fantastic time. And that’s what Electro Swing is all about, right?

I’m very happy that Romain gave Agathe a lot of room for soloing on this track. They sound simply wonderful together in the chorus and some parts of the stanzas, but I guess that Romain’s deliberate relegation to the background was a great idea. After all, we will hear them together many more times. This is Agathe’s first single on Lamuzgueule and she plays first fiddle here! :) Even that wonderful brass section is only playing somewhere in the background, meeting along the way with hard hitting drums and warming basses – it’s these crazy instruments that make me want to play and dance to the rhythm of “Posture” so much. And I think you too feel exactly the same as I do!

My Personal Appeal To Lamuzgueule :)

Taking advantage of the fact that I write reviews for the world’s biggest blog about Electro Swing, let me appeal to the band (I really hope they will read this :)). Lamuzgueule, I’m sad because when I’m going through France during the Eurotrip (at least that’s the plan, but everything will happen spontaneously), it just so happens that I won’t be able to catch any of your concerts. You should definitely think about performing in other places, maybe closer to Poland? Or in Poland? Poles love concerts, festivals and having fun till dawn, so I invite you here! :)

Written & reviewed by  LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2022-06-20

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