LadyDot Review: Lamuzgueule Gig Report

Report from the Lamuzgueule show at L’Ampérage, Grenoble

I have been posting my reviews regularly on Electro Swing Thing for over a year now. I started the LadyDot Review series then, when the pandemic was going on and the concerts weren’t happening. I missed performing live artists so much! In February 2020, I managed to be at a Swingrowers concert. At that time, I was not yet aware that I would have to wait so long for another Electro Swing concert.

Finally, the opportunity happened and during the Eurotrip (you could follow the account of this spontaneous trip on my Instagram @jawizeruk) we went to as many as two concerts. Actually, three, but one of them unfortunately did not take place due to technical problems.

On 23 June, not only did I have a great time at the Lamuzgueule show, but I also had the opportunity to talk to representatives of the band for a while. Today, I have prepared for you a report from the event and… a short interview with Romain, the band’s frontman!

The perfect musical starter before the main course

My husband Michał and I arrived in Grenoble quite late. First we stopped for a while in beautiful Cassis, then we decided to avoid the motorways, plus there was an accident somewhere along the way. Because of all this, we didn’t make it to L’Ampérage in time and only heard two songs of the first support band, Bobato. I was so enchanted by the end of their performance that by the second day I had already listened to almost half of the songs they had posted on Spotify. If you like this kind of electronic sound, be sure to listen to their latest EP, Bocado. It’s really worth it!

Next, two beautiful girls from the band AAMIRAL took the stage. When I saw the cello and synthesiser and a whole lot of electronic instruments, I was sure that this duo representing electro pop would really rock. And I wasn’t wrong! Anaïs and Mélanie wowed me with their perfectly synchronised vocals and wonderful rapport with the audience.

NOTE: The biggest surprise for me was when, while doing research on the Internet, I found that Anaïs had been a singer and composer in… Lamuzgueule for several years! I had a similar surprise when it turned out that Dimaa had also co-written many of the band’s songs. :) I wrote about my favourite Dimaa songs HERE – be sure to get to know his work, because for me he is a true Electro Swing master!

An excellent Electro Swing feast from Lamuzgueule!

I expected to hear a lot of songs from the ‘Iceberg Club’ album at the concert (I reviewed that album HERE). And imagine that I had predicted that the performance would start with the song ‘Ice Cream’! This made me very happy, because I love this banger. Even more so when the pounding electronic drums you hear live make your heart beat even harder. Do you guys have that too? :)

I don’t want to tell you the order of all the songs that rang out during the show (although Romain was kind enough to send me the exact setlist, for which I’m very grateful :)). I want you to have a surprise, because maybe some of you will still go to a Lamuzgueule concert this year (which I highly encourage you to do!).

The band played almost everything I was looking forward to, i.e. “Marshmallow” (you can read a review of this single HERE), “Cookie”, “Triple Lutz” and “Icebreaker”. I slightly missed ‘Ainsi dansent’ in this set, as it is one of my favourite songs from this album – although I will agree with this choice, as it is quite calm, and Lamuzgueule put on energy, energy and more energy during this performance!

In my opinion, the performance of ‘Zoologic’ was downright brilliant. I could feel this excellent contact with the audience and how the whole band simply had a great time during the show. There were also hits from the “Bada Boom Boom Swing” album, such as “Rien ne va plus” (have you heard this outstanding song? Electro Swing in all its glory!) and the great “French Kiss”. And when it was finally time for the saxophone and trumpet solos I felt that I really wasn’t missing anything at this point anymore. This show was simply complete.

I hope you won’t be angry with me for not telling you what other surprises Lamuzgueule have prepared – you simply have to check it out for yourself by going to one of their concerts!

Something for dessert… an interview with Romain Deschamps!

During and just after the concert, I was so excited that I was not even able to do a short interview with Romain. I’m a very emotional person and I always relive any such event for a long time, so the next day I asked Romain to answer a few questions for me. You can read this short interview below:

1) LadyDot: Is electronic music what people from France love the most?

Romain: I don’t know if electronic music is the favourite genre of French people, but in any case many of famous artists in electronic music are French, the expression “French touch”, and we hope to be part of it one day!

2) LadyDot: Your work has evolved over the years. What do you think, are you going more towards “electro” or towards “swing”?

Romain: We like to experiment with new forms of electro, mixing the new and the old, also a bit of funk, hiphop without straying from the swing touch that we love so much and for which our public supports us! Of course we continue to do electro swing!

3) LadyDot: What other bands or artists inspire you?

Romain: We are several musicians in the group, with different influences, and it shows in what we create, it goes from French touch electro like Daft Punk and Justice, Parov Stelar or rock music like Queen, or other artists like Jamiroquai or Lady Gaga. We had the chance to meet some great artists in festivals, it’s great!

4) LadyDot: Are you working on new singles now or are you focusing on touring? Maybe you have plans to visit other countries in Europe?

Romain: You have already been able to hear our latest single “Posture”, which was released recently, but others are in preparation (Posture > Wolfgang Lohr Remix – Out August 12th on EST Records > pre-save HERE!), we can’t wait to play them on many stages in France and Europe! We love to travel! Don’t hesitate to ask for us in your city all over the globe!

Summary: Electro Swing is above all wonderful people

It’s obvious that the reception of music live is completely different from when you listen to it at home. It’s a different emotion, a different experience. You can return to the album whenever you want. The concert is in the here and now, and what you get out of it, what you experience and what stays in your head and heart is entirely up to you. I can say with certainty that everything at the Lamuzgueule concert was perfectly prepared, with attention to every detail. No technical slip-ups, no mistakes – just a brilliantly realised show – in every respect.

P.S. Agathe is a real energy bomb, she is simply superb! She’s a real eye-catcher, she’s enchanting with her beautiful voice and I have the impression that she could still sing, go crazy on stage and jump around for a good few hours without getting tired. A veritable volcano of energy that suits Lamuzgueule so fantastically!

Apart from finally being able to have a great time to the rhythm of Electro Swing (and burn some calories, because it was very hot in the hall, haha!), I met simply fantastic, nice people and spent wonderful, albeit brief, moments chatting with Romain and Agathe. But nothing lost, because I’m sure we’ll meet again. And I sincerely hope it will happen sooner than I think! :)

Written & reviewed by  LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2022-07-18

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