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Spring vibe in Electro Swing style. A review of the “Spring Swing” playlist

I think I’ve mentioned to you before how much I love Electro Swing Thing playlists. Did you know that on Spotify you can find more than thirty brilliant, personalised compilations of perfectly selected Electro Swing tracks? I highly recommend three of them to you: Welcome Back 20s, Swing Hop (oh, it’s been one of my favourite sub-genres of Electro Swing lately!) and Spring Swing.

I decided to review this last playlist especially for you. Because nothing warms you up and puts you in a spring mood like a good Electro Swing. I will tell you about my feelings and my favourite songs that made it to the Spring Swing playlist. Are you ready? Here we go!

These Spring Electro Swing Songs Are The Ones I Return To Most Often!

As you are well aware, I love the songs of the German duo Balduin. Interestingly, their songs are most suited to spring and summer. I listen to them very often during my travels in Europe. I am incredibly satisfied that my favourite Balduin hits have made it to the Spring Swing playlist: “Magic Man” (the result of a brilliant collaboration with Wolfgang Lohr and J Fitz), “Oops Sorry” (exactly how I imagined their collaboration with Annella! ), “Dirty Dazzler” (that song they recorded with Masha Ray, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it), “Hep Cat Boogie”… Okay, it looks like this article is about to turn into a “Balduin-style spring vibe”, so I just encourage you to listen to all their songs, because they are just great, and if you want to know what I think of their album “Vintage Vibes”, click HERE.

Oh, there is one song that I personally associate best with spring. It simply could not be missing from the Spring Swing playlist! I’m talking about “Butterfly” by the Swingrowers. Soft as a spring gust of wind, Loredana’s voice, the sunny sound of the saxophone and that brilliant dance rhythm immediately put me in the perfect mood! And I am automatically reminded of my trip to Sicily. 😊 And while we’re on the subject of Swingrowers, I don’t know if you know, but PiSk from this band recorded a fantastic dance single with Little Violet – “Watch Your Tongue”, which is somewhere in the middle of the playlist. I love it!

Get Motivated For Spring To The Beat Of Electro Swing!

Spring is the time when I am most motivated. To have more energy to work with, I listen to a lot of songs with a positive message. Luckily, the Swing Spring playlist is full of them, so you have plenty to choose from!

Be sure to look out for Szigeti Juli’s songs: “Light” (starts inconspicuously, but the chorus is a real energy boost!), “Feel So Happy” (you can read a review of this song HERE), “Freedom” (review HERE). I can’t imagine spring trips without these songs. They are incredibly positive, like Szigeti Juli herself, whom I recently had the opportunity to interview. And by the way, see for yourself by clicking HERE. 😊

LVDS and Odd Chap recently released their latest single, ‘The Program’. I can’t stop listening to this banger! It starts off so calm and swing hoppy (this track is recommended for a total spring chill out!) and ends… a real firecracker. I’m betting that the brilliant Odd Chap is responsible for those last few tens of seconds of real energetic, motivational bombast. Add this track to your spring playlist, now! 😊

Spring Electro Swing Songs Recommended To Dance To!

I’ve recently found that when I watch Electro Swing Dance, posted on Electro Swing Thing social media and on the channels of Electro Swing dancers, I can feel summer coming on even more. My favourite dancer is Em Delacrem, who a year ago danced brilliantly to the song “Posin” by Glenn Gatsby (you’ll find this song on the Spring Swing playlist, of course).

A fabulous sunset in Wrocław (in my opinion, one of the most beautiful Polish cities!) and energetic, perfectly choreographed movements that perfectly match the music are simply a great combination.

If we’re on the subject of dancing in Electro Swing, I can’t help but mention Caravan Palace’s “We Can Dance”. Wonderful electronic elements, a great violin sound and Zoe’s distinctive vocals. It makes your feet dance. Oh, and to think that the album from which this single is taken was released… in 2008, wow!

The only song missing from my Spring Swing playlist is Caravan Palace’s ‘Pluma’. It’s one of my favourite spring bangers and lulls me so wonderfully and puts me in a positive frame of mind for summer.

Summary – 4 Hours Of Spring Electro Swing

The Spring Swing playlist is over 4 hours of perfectly selected songs. I highly recommend you listen to it to the end, because the last songs are really excellent! You’ll find, among others, the Jive Me band track ‘Mr O’Butler’, which was brilliantly remixed by Wolfgang Lohr, Jamie Berry’s delectable classic Electro Swing singles (‘Light up the Night’ with Octavia Rose and ‘Guilty Pleasure’ with Little Violet) and Mr Jazzek’s song ‘Dream of You’, which I’ve been listening to over and over again lately (that saxophone, the theme reminiscent of Avicii’s tracks and the soft, pleasant vocals. Wow!).

By the time I reached the end, I imagined that this playlist could only be topped by one song – ‘Swing in Spring’ (LVDS Remix). You don’t even know how happy I was that it was LVDS’ unique swing hop style that ended the Spring Swing compilation. Combined with the penultimate song, Proleter’s ‘Moonlight Jive’, it sounds so wonderful that I am delighted to see the sun outside my window, in whose glow the greening leaves on the trees shimmer beautifully! And this is exactly the kind of spring I wish for you, my dear readers. Warm, sunny, green and… to the rhythm of Electro Swing!

Written & reviewed by  LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2023-04-17

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