LadyDot Review: PiSk, Jamie Berry, Octavia Rose – Morning Light

PiSk’s big comeback in great style + a masterful duo of Electro Swing artists = a recipe for a spring/summer hit! Review of the single ‘Morning Light’ (PiSk, Jamie Berry, Octavia Rose)

If you’ve read my latest article in the Electro Swing News series (and if you haven’t, you can read it HERE, I highly recommend it!), you’ll know that this is the track I rated highest in April’s Electro Swing single releases. Today, I was supposed to prepare a completely different review for you, but I thought you just had to find out why ‘Morning Light’ delighted and captivated me so much. I’m going to tell you about this single, my impressions and what is worth paying special attention to. I cordially invite you to read my 79th (wowow!) review in the LadyDot Review series. 😊 And of course, to listen carefully to ‘Morning Light’.

This Is A Golden Time For PiSk!

I have to admit to you that some time ago I was very concerned about PiSK not releasing new singles. That was in the autumn, last year. In June, the last single Swingrowers with Loredana was released and then… nothing. I was really hoping this would change soon – I loved his remixes, but at the same time I was waiting for some kind of musical firecracker. For a banger that wouldn’t get out of my head anytime soon. Until the 28th of October arrived and Freshly Squeezed Music announced that PiSK had just released a new single in collaboration with Little Violet. ‘Watch Your Tongue’, because that is the song in question, is an absolute masterpiece. I already knew that PiSK just needed some time to come back in a big way. And it succeeded one hundred percent.

By the end of April it was really an avalanche of positive news. A new single with Jamie Berry and Octavia Rose, a joint playlist with Jamie (be sure to listen to it, about HERE!), the reactivation of the Swingrowers with a new line-up… You can’t even imagine how happy I was! Even more so when I listened to ‘Morning Light’. My first thought: this is going to be an absolute hit!

‘Morning Light’ – A Track Created By Top Artists!

Jamie Berry is, in my opinion, one of the most prolific Electro Swing artists. I can compare him a bit to King Midas – whatever he touches turns into true gold! I love ‘Delight’, ‘Lost In The Rhythm’, ‘Make Me Believe’, ‘Light up the Night’ and many more of his songs. Oh, wait… Did I accidentally just list all those songs he produced in collaboration with the brilliant singer, Octavia Rose? Haha! Jamie Berry and Octavia Rose are an inseparable Electro Swing duo who complement each other perfectly. Jamie takes care to choose the best possible sounds, mixes everything wonderfully and creates a unique sound. I, for one, have it so that I can recognise his songs after just a few seconds – just by that distinctive trumpet motif. And Octavia… continually captivates me with her delicate, girlish voice. In ‘Morning Light’ she is the one who comes to the fore, perfectly putting us in a spring/summer mood.

But you know what? I hear a lot more fantastic elements here! The first dozen or so seconds are definitely PiSk’s doing. That vintage-style melody, something wonderful…. Later on he is joined by Jamie Berry with that distinctive theme of his, and then… Do you hear that specific gypsy-style guitar sound too? I think it was Alessio from Swingrowers who composed and recorded it. Please tell me I’m not wrong! 😊 And by the way, this guitar resounds almost throughout the whole song. With that brilliant trumpet, it makes for an incredibly tasty combination!

A Recipe For A Spring/Summer Electro Swing Hit

In my opinion, the collaboration between PiSk, Jamie Berry and Octavia Rose is one of the best Electro Swing collaborations of recent years. When I listen to ‘Morning Light’, I immediately imagine golden beaches, summer parties and crisp mornings accompanied by captivating sunrises. I think this single will accompany me on my Eurotrip this year. In fact, I’m sure it will! So, who has already added ‘Morning Light’ to their playlist? 😊

Written & reviewed by  LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2023-05-08

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