LadyDot Review: Elle & The Pocket Belles – See You Later

Pin-up girls setting out to conquer the Electro Swing music industry!
Review of Elle & The Pocket Belles’ single – “See You Later”

I have a huge weakness for Electro Swing female vocal groups. I love listening to these exquisitely synchronised voices, which fit perfectly with the Electro Swing style. Apart from the fact that such girls sing brilliantly, they also look phenomenal! And as a huge fan of pin-up style, I often take inspiration from their looks and envy that they can style their hair so beautifully, haha! 😊

Quite recently, at the end of April, Elle & The Pocket Belles released a new single – ‘See You Later’. And unfortunately, in the Electro Swing News article I forgot to mention it! I have no idea how this could have happened! So I felt I had to tell you about this fantastic track in my 82nd article in the LadyDot Review series!

The Great Return Of Elle & The Pocket Belles In A Big Way!

Some time ago, Spotify’s reliable algorithm recommended another dose of musical inspiration to me. One of the tracks I immediately added to my playlist of favourite Electro Swing songs was a remix by C@ in the H@‘Swingin’ Together’. What I liked most about it was, of course, those magical female vocals. I decided that I would look for more information about Elle & The Pocket Belles, as I was very curious about their other tracks.

Unfortunately, though, there weren’t many of them on Spotify. The single “Drive” from 2021 by Mista Trick and the remixes of “Golden Sound” (by the way, also by Mista Trick – in PiSk’s version from Swingrowers, I like this single the best), then I also noticed that they released a very interesting Christmas EP “Ding, Dong!”…

I thought to myself that Elle & The Pocket Belles definitely deserve a lot more – especially since I’ve watched quite a few of their live performances and the girls are really excellent, full of charisma and passion! I was waiting impatiently for things to unfold until I finally found out that this band had started a collaboration with music label Freshly Squeezed. I already knew that Elle & The Pocket Belles were in good hands, all that remained was to wait for the new single. And suddenly the 28th of April arrived, and with it, a new Elle & The Pocket Belles track.

“See You Later” – May We See You Again Soon!

I was very surprised, because I thought I had heard “See You Later” somewhere before, but in a slightly different version. I was right, because some time ago I saw a recording from the Swingamajig 2022 festival and that’s where the girls sang the song live. I have to say that the studio version of the single is perfectly polished and the producers (one of the co-producers of this song is Mista Trick!) have brought out the best in it. It’s no wonder that, as I write this review, ‘See You Later’ already has almost 65,000 listens on Spotify and the music video on YouTube has over 20,000 views!

I love the retro vibe that Elle & The Pocket Belles spread around in ‘See You Later’. Everything is simply in its place in this song. We have brilliant female vocals that wonderfully enchant us and… addict us. Because I could listen to them over and over again. The voices of these five amazing women complement each other brilliantly and I have the impression that with each single they get better, more confident in their abilities and even more charismatic. We also have some truly excellent music.

Listen well and you’ll definitely hear those incredibly pleasant swinging brass sounds that complement the drum beat so nicely. And right towards the end, I also hear a really melodic, wonderful piano. Fortunately, all these instruments don’t drown out Elle & The Pocket Belles, while allowing them to showcase their skills to the full. Something wonderful! And you know what? I think they’ll be releasing another single soon and we won’t have to wait too long for this track! 😊

Written & reviewed by  LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2023-05-22

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