LadyDot Review: 3 best-rated singles released in August

Have you read my latest article in the Electro Swing News series (if not, be sure to click HERE)? Of the August singles releases, I rated as many as three of them the highest. I thought this was a good opportunity to write a review of these songs for you, so that you can get to know them better and, of course, add them to your playlist of favourites. Some of these artists you already know very well, and the rest… I’m happy to introduce you to. So, here we go! 😉

KELSON, LÒNIS – “BAM!” (Original Version & Chill Remix)

KELSON is my latest musical discovery. I found this track totally by accident – someone put it on one of the Electro Swing playlists on Spotify. For a very long time I wondered whether “BAM!” (both the original version, which was released in July – you can listen to it HERE, and the remix, released in August – listen to it HERE) could be classified as Electro Swing. And then I thought that definitely more elements prevail to classify “BAM!” in this way. And what are those elements? In KELSON’s original version, it’s first and foremost a typical big band intro kept at a swing tempo, lots of pounding out trumpet and piano sounds, a wonderful, subtle drum sound and that brilliant, jazzy KELSON vocal. Such a warm, distinctive and slightly mysterious voice was memorable to me from the first time I listened to the track. Apart from that, I can hear inspiration from Parov Stelar’s work at certain points – especially when the trumpet comes to the fore (my first association: Parov Stelar – “The Lonely Trumpet”).

The Chill Remix of the single “BAM!” is already much more influenced by electronic music and effects, which enrich the track perfectly. I am very happy that this time it was through the remix that I discovered the original version. And you, dear Electro Swing artists, I think you should consider inviting KELSON to feature on your new singles, because she’s really brilliant and I’m sure she could bring a lot of new quality to your compositions! 😉

DJ Mibor – “Fire Up The Swing”

DJ Mibor has been surprising me very positively lately. At the end of April he released a really great album ‘Electro Swing Sound System’ (you can read my interview with DJ Mibor, in which he told me, among other things, about the behind-the-scenes of the making of this album, HERE). I have mentioned the excellent single “Small Town” many times in my articles, which is currently one of DJ Mibor’s most streamed tracks on Spotify (on the day I am writing this review, it already has almost 170,000 plays!).
“Fire Up The Swing” is, in my opinion, a fantastic, cohesive follow-up to that album. The raging brass, the piano that so wonderfully complements the melody and the old samples…. You could say this is quintessential Electro Swing. DJ Mibor has created a track that is truly polished and carefully crafted. It’s great to be able to watch this artist experiment, grow year after year and constantly strive for success. And I’m sure that if he maintains this level of creation and puts his creativity to work, he has a great chance of winning even more fans.

DanyloM & The Soulmate Project – “Stormy Night”

I have no idea who came up with the title of this single, but I can say one thing: it hit the jackpot! From the first sounds, I feel like I’ve found myself at a dance on a ship at the end of summer, with a storm raging at sea. Do you also immediately associate this with the “Titanic”, where the ship was sinking and the orchestra continued to play? You know, I love it when music evokes associations and inspires me creatively. If you read my articles regularly, you will surely know that I have a great appreciation for the work of both DanyloM and The Soulmate Project. I had no idea that such a musical gem as ‘Stormy Night’ could be created from the combination of these two excellent talents. If you like swing hop and non-obvious melody combinations of different musical instruments, I am sure you will enjoy this track. In ‘Stormy Night’ you will of course hear the brilliant piano of DanyloM. And this beautiful, slightly melancholic melody is complemented by a whole set of various instruments, which are played brilliantly by multi-instrumentalist Roman Andor Krotil of The Soulmate Project (I once wrote an article about his musical work, you can read it HERE). Mandolin, viola, clarinet, electric guitar and various percussion instruments… When two geniuses meet, a little Electro Swing masterpiece is created. And that, in my opinion, is what ‘Stormy Night’ is. Simply perfect, delectable.

In my last article in the Electro Swing News series, I wrote that, in my opinion, the best song released in August was ‘Fire Up The Swing’. And now I have to admit that I’ve become addicted to that swing hop vibe in ‘Stormy Night’. And on the other hand, KELSON also wowed me… So forgive me, but I won’t decide which of these singles is the best though. Because they are all really fantastic. 😊

Written & reviewed by LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2023-09-18

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