LadyDot Review: Musical Inspirations For Electro Swing Dancers (Part 2)

Remember back in November when I published an article with Electro Swing musical inspirations for our wonderful dancers (you can read it HERE)? There I wrote about songs by famous music producers, duos and artists whose work you might not know too well. I promised then that there would be a second part of that article, in which I would talk about the best songs for dancing created by Electro Swing bands. And here it is! You’ll find both brand new songs, those that are a bit older and remixes released by Electro Swing Thing Records. Get inspired and dance as hard as you can!

My Favourite Tracks To Dance To – Inspiration From Electro Swing Gigs

As you know, I have been to several Electro Swing bands’ gigs. Two of them are the most memorable for me – in June 2022, I was at an LMZG concert in France (you can read a report on that gig HERE), and two days later, at a Klischée performance in Switzerland (report HERE). I can’t dance, but I think the most important thing is the energy and the music, to which you have a fantastic time. And I couldn’t stop jumping, bouncing and dancing even for a moment at these concerts!

Speaking of LMZG, I have to mention my favourite song from their album ‘I AM ANACHRONIC’ first, which is… ‘BANG BANG’! Oh, it’s a total banger and I can already see you dancing the shuffle to it. I’d dance to it too if I could, haha! 😊 Apart from that, I love from this album still playing “ASCENDANT BRASIER” and “PLEINS PHARES”. I think you could still do some cool choreography to some of their other songs, like “Zoologic”, “Looping”, “Triple Lutz” and “Attractions”. LMZG is a band that creates a wonderful energy on stage, so if you get the chance to go to their concert, I highly recommend it, because it’s definitely worth it!

Klischée… I love their music with all my heart. Starting with their 2014 album ‘Touché’, I can confidently recommend you to dance to ‘Tiquette’, ‘Tin Tin’, ‘Masquerade’ and ‘Klimper’, although I think after listening to this album you will find that actually all the songs are great for dancing. I also have similar feelings about the Late Check-Out EP, which features hits such as ‘Bad Things’, ‘So Good’, ‘Le Wéekend’ and ‘Get This – Bang Bang’. And don’t forget their album ‘Bend the Rules’, which is simply brilliant and features dance hits such as ‘You Want More’, ‘Come with Me’ and ‘Swing It Like Roger’.

My Favourite Tracks To Dance To – Songs By Electro Swing Bands

I have to split this part of the article into two because, as you are well aware, Electro Swing bands create so many wonderful, energetic and danceable songs that I can’t cut this down to just one paragraph. The order of the bands is totally random, but I’ll start with the one whose concert I also attended (in February 2020), that is… the Swingrowers!

Oh, I know perfectly well that you love their music! Let me start with their latest song – ‘Educated Feet’. Because as the title suggests, this song directly recommends getting your feet moving and dancing energetically! However, I was most captivated by the songs from their 2018 album Outsidein, namely ‘Selfie Face’, ‘Healing Dance’, ‘Butterfly’, ‘Tit for Tat’, ‘Here to Stay’ and ‘Jukebox’. You’ve got some great inspiration here for both the fast dances and the slightly slower ones (for dance tutorials, for example!). And don’t forget ‘That’s Right’, ‘Midnight’, ‘Wannabe’ and ‘Rose’ – I guarantee that these tracks will make their way into your playlists and inspire you to create even the most complicated choreographies! 😊 And then, once you’ve chosen your favourite song of theirs to dance to, I encourage you to read their interview with the Swingrowers, HERE.

I’m sure you’re familiar with Tape Five. I outright adore them and I know you enjoy dancing to their songs too! 😊 So I can’t resist and I just have to share with you their best songs for hours of madness on the dance floor: ‘Bad Boy Good Man’, ‘Party Like Its 1929’, ‘Geraldines Routine’ and ‘Big Blue Swing’.

My Favourite Tracks To Dance To – Songs By Electro Swing Bands

If you’re looking for musical inspiration to dance to all the time, then Swing’it band songs are worth a listen. Remember when they competed with their song ‘Prohibition’ in the Norwegian qualifiers for the Eurovision Song Contest? I guarantee you that they have a whole host of other great songs to dance to, such as ‘Champagne’, ‘Party Like It’s 1923’, ‘Gin’ and ‘Booze Cruise’. Oh, they have a really fantastic vibe and I hope that when you listen to their songs you feel it too!

Deladap… I’m sure you’ve danced to ‘Dirty Jazz’ and ‘Make Swing Great Again’ more than once. My job, however, is to show you the kind of songs you might not know. And I guarantee that Deladap has a whole host of fantastic songs to dance to. Look out for the album ‘Play’, which was released in 2021, especially the songs ‘So Long Baby and Bye Bye’ and ‘Sassy’. They are great! Apart from that, I really like their latest single, which is ‘Mr. January – King of the Swing’. It’s full of great swing sounds and makes your feet dance!

Do you know Lyre Le Temps? I guarantee that this French Electro Swing band will enrich your dancing perfectly with their brilliant songs. “Brookopoly”, “Rob the Banker”, “Looking Like This”, “Summer Leaves” – these songs will be perfect for an energetic dance and are sure to put you in the perfect mood.

My Favourite Tracks To Dance To – Remixes By Electro Swing Thing Records

I have to admit that since I have been working for Electro Swing Thing as A&R Manager, I have been paying special attention to the remixes. I’m rediscovering their incredible power and the fact that with a revamped version of a song, the original song gains in popularity. It really is a very satisfying feeling!

I have a huge fondness for Tarmac Rodéo, as they were the first Electro Swing band I discovered. We have released as many as three remixes of their songs: “Buster Et Charlie (Glenn Gatsby Remix)”, “Jukebox (Klischée Remix)” and “Savoy Ballroom (The Soulmate Project Remix)”. I’m not able to say which of these remixes I like best, because firstly, each of them is completely different, and secondly, as you can see, some of the best Electro Swing artists were among the remixers. However, these tracks have one thing in common: they are made directly for dancing and having a great time, so Electro Swing dancers, you now have a great opportunity to take this inspiration, make a video and show us all those positive vibes you share with us through your dancing! P.S. by the way, also listen to the original versions of ‘Buster Et Charlie’, ‘Jukebox’ and ‘Savoy Ballroom’ – really cool songs!

My Favourite Tracks To Dance To – Remixes By Electro Swing Thing Records

One of my favourite remixes is ‘Good Vibes (Glenn Gatsby Remix)’, which is a 1000streets track that was remixed by Glenn Gatsby. It was released on the 9th of February, so literally just a few days ago. This amazing mix of Swing House, excellent vocals and rap makes this remix an absolute pleasure to listen to, and rocking out to the beat of this song is highly recommended here! 😊 P.S. I also recommend you to listen to “Good Vibes” in the original version. P.S.2: Something feels like this isn’t the last remix of a 1000streets track to be released on Electro Swing Thing Records. 😊

Finally, I would like to recommend to you the remixes of Alice Francis‘ tracks from the album ‘Club Noir’ that we regularly release on Electro Swing Thing Records. This is a great example of how fantastic new, fresh versions have been made from great songs. My favourite remixes are definitely ‘Mr. Jones (Balduin Remix)’ and ‘Catch the Killer (Intended Immigration Remix)’. Wonderful, incredibly danceable, rhythmic and catchy remixes that should go on your playlist of favourite tracks. By the way, Magdalena (em.delacrem), a hugely talented dancer and founder of Poland’s first Electro Swing dance school ShuffleDance.pl (you can read an interview with Magdalena HERE), danced to this second remix. Check out her performance, get inspired and go ahead and record your dance videos and we will be happy to publish them on our social channels!

Written & reviewed by LadyDot. Date: 2024-02-12

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Anna (LadyDot) was born in ’94, but always felt she came from the Golden Twenties. “Polka” in Polish means “girl from Poland”, so she’s “Polka in polka dots”. She loves vintage style and spontaneous travels around Europe. But her greatest love is of course music, especially Electro Swing, Funk, Swing Hop and French Electronic Music.

Anna works at Electro Swing Thing as A&R & Content Manager, so if you want to collaborate with our label, you can write to her and we guarantee you’ll be in the best hands: anna@electroswingthing.com.

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