LadyDot Review: Parov Stelar – “Boy Met Girl”

‘Girl Met Boy And Girl Could Not Forget Him’ – You Will Not Forget This Electro Swing Banger!

Electro Swing master, outstanding producer, artist, musical personality… Well, I could talk about Parov Stelar for hours. I tell my friends about his albums and singles, and of course also about you, my dear readers. His music has been with me for a dozen years now, and I guess it has even become my mission to spread and recommend his releases. The release of his new single, ‘Boy Met Girl’, could be no different. What is it that makes this track so incredibly screwing and addictive? Does it have the potential to become a huge commercial success? Will it be a hit on par with the old bangers produced by Parov Stelar? Read my review and I will try to answer these questions with you.

‘Boy Met Girl’ – A Track Produced In Between Tours?

I’ll tell you honestly that I didn’t expect Parov Stelar to release a new song so soon. In fact, I thought he would take a break for a few months after an intense tour. Because what I had the opportunity to hear and see at one of his concerts during the Theater Tour 2024 (you can read a report on that show HERE) was an event that certainly required months (or maybe even years?) of preparation, there simply everything was perfectly worked out. And I still wonder how it happened that Parov Stelar, in between (because that’s what I suspect) touring and many rehearsals and travelling all over Europe, was able to produce ‘Boy Met Girl’. I don’t know, because the creation of something so magnificent does not at all indicate that he could have done it in the meantime. But as you can see, with our master, anything is possible.

‘Boy Met Girl’ – This Is How Electro Swing Of The Highest Quality Is Made!

‘Boy Met Girl’ is straightforwardly filled to the brim with an old swing vibe, complemented by blues inspirations and topped off with brilliant electronic effects. It is these elements that best describe this unmistakable, totally unique style of Parov Stelar, which has consistently followed him for most of his musical career. This track is so incredibly versatile that it could just as easily have been released on 2017’s “The Burning Spider” album (it would have fitted stylistically well with the vibe from that album), as well as on these older albums.
For me, of course, the most impressive thing about ‘Boy Met Girl’ is the brass section interludes, which are styled in good old swing. I was enchanted by the piano in the bridge – so moving, so turning up the atmosphere, so perfectly building a bridge between emotion and the pleasure of getting the best out of the music. I’ll tell you more about the samples later!
This time, the theme of the track is youthful excitement and the feeling of falling in love. This can be heard in the lyrics as well as seen in the graphic elements. Be sure to take a look at the cover and the teasers promoting the piece. I love that Parov Stelar created the artwork himself, based on the depiction of a boy as a superhero, fighting against the odds to escape with his beloved. Everything is kept in a beautifully retro style, which further complements the soul of this single.

‘Boy Met Girl’ – Where Did The Samples Come From?

What did I love the music that Parov Stelar produces for? Well, if I had to list everything that contributed to it, I wouldn’t have enough space. But if I had to pick just one thing, it would definitely be the excellent search and use of old swing samples. You really have to love this musical genre, listen to a lot of such songs and, above all, have brilliant ideas to be able to use them wisely. As you know, I love old swing. I did a bit of research and listening and came across the information that Parov Stelar used the 1942 song ‘My Little Cousin’, originally performed by Marilyn Duke, as inspiration for the production of ‘Boy Met Girl’. I think you’ll admit I’m right: this classic swing song inspired by foxtrot dancing, previously virtually unknown and forgotten, has been given new life thanks to Parov Stelar – so fresh, so contemporary-sounding, so unique and original. I would even be tempted to say that the composers of this piece, if they were alive, would be incredibly grateful to Parov Stelar for the respectful yet innovative way in which he treated their composition!

‘Boy Met Girl’ – A Banger That Shakes The Electro Swing World

The single ‘Boy Met Girl’ already had over 100,000 streams on Spotify after just 4 days of release, and this number is constantly growing. I’ve been reading loads of comments on the track and fans are downright delighted. I wondered if ‘Boy Met Girl’ had a chance to repeat the success of Parov Stelar’s most streamed hits, namely ‘All Night’ and ‘Booty Swing’. And you know what? I feel like it really could be. Great promotion of the single on social media, huge support from fans and, above all, a fantastic song that is memorable. I’ve already added it to my playlist of my favourite tracks, and now it’s time for you to do the same. Who knows, maybe ‘Boy Met Girl’ will make you feel the same emotions and butterflies in your stomach that you felt when you first fell in love. The innocent one, the sincere one and the one you remember most.

Written & reviewed by LadyDot; Date: 2024-06-03

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