LadyDot Review: Swing Hop At Its Best!
LVDS – Time Tripping

Do you remember that I published a review on my blog about the Golden Days – LVDS’s first album (you can read it here)? I called him „a Swing Hop genius”. I also mentioned that I feel there was a really big career ahead of him and this young songwriter will achieve a lot. When he released Time Tripping on YouTube yesterday, I knew from the very first beat that I wouldn’t be disappointed. And now I can say that the word “genius” was not exaggerated at all. This is the truth.

Time Tripping electrifies from the beginning. From the first piano sounds, which are brilliantly complemented by a slightly sad, melancholic trumpet, it takes us on the real time tripping. I have an impression that LVDS perfectly invented this swing hop story, which he has been started since the release of Golden Days. And that wonderful guitar solo, starting around the 45th second…. Listening to this track for review I just fell in love with this lyrical interlude. Throughout the song there is a theme that I have already heard in Be with U (from the Golden Days album, of course. If you haven’t listened to it yet, please do it – you’ll love it!).

I close my eyes and remember how I used to travel, exploring Europe spontaneously, without a plan. I loved it! When this covid-mess will over, the first thing I will do is going to Netherlands and give LVDS a high-five. And I will thank him for such an amazing, timeless swing hop vibe that I hear in Time Tripping. This track delighted me, inspired me and evoked only positive emotions.

Written & reviewed by  LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2021-03-12

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Anna (LadyDot) was born in ’94, but always felt she came from the Golden Twenties. “Polka” in Polish means “girl from Poland”, so she’s “Polka in polka dots”. She loves vintage style and spontaneous travels around Europe. But her greatest love (apart from her husband) is of course music, especially Electro Swing.

On her own Blog www.jawizeruk.pl she writes about different music genres. She is a copywriter, so writing is her strong point. Anna likes singing (not only in the shower!) and cooking (especially Italian and Hungarian cuisine).

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