Lil Mishka Band

Eduard Ragimov is a Canadian-based producer and the owner of Dream Records, an online recording studio. With a passion for music styles such as electro swing, bossa nova, electro blues, and gypsy jazz, Edward Ragimov has been working with incredibly talented musicians from all over the world since 2015.

His earliest project, Lil Mishka Band, gained recognition as an opening act for the iconic Electro Swing band, Swingrowers in its 2020 US and Canada tour. Lil’ Mishka Band’s tracks “Too Drunk To Fuck” and “Smoke That Jive” was featured in the acclaimed iSwing Top 40 by JC JSum, with “Too Drunk To…” reaching the number 1 spot on the list for two weeks between June and July 2020.

The cover song, “Thrift Shop,” was selected to be a part of the album Electro Swing Party by Bart&Baker, Vol.1, released December 2018 as the 14th track and published by Wagram Music, a French independent record label based in Paris, with offices in Berlin and Los Angeles.

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