Lyre Le Temps

With Lyre Le Temps, the clock is racing! Since its debut in 2009, the group of Strasbourg embarks us in a whirlwind which mixes Swing, Electro, Hip Hop, a little as if Cab Calloway made taps on an edge of furious scratches! In 3 albums and several hundreds of hectic concerts, Lyre le Temps has invented a spatio-temporal parenthesis of a formidable efficiency, a totally improbable high energy mix between the crazed mood of the crazy clubs of America of the Roaring Twenties and the modernity of a group fed with the energy of hip hop and electro beats. Benny Goodman and his clarinet stuck in the Delorean Back to the Future!

For 2 years, Lyre Le Temps has worked twice as hard, with no less than 70 concerts for the Prohibition Swing Tour. Ry’m, the leader of the group of Strasbourg, has signed the music of the film “Gaston Lagaffe”, the adaptation of the famous cartoon Franquin and marked the spirits during a performance boosted in The Voice. All this while preparing in his clandestine distiller lab the 4th album which is the boiling first single. Ready for a game of Brokopoly? This gorgeous loser ode with coppery rhythms and cartoon humor proves that our electro swing gangsters will still shake up the year 2018.

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