Red Haired Misfit

Madam Misfit – Red Haired Misfit

Madam Misfit is a newcomer artist of the genre and her performances tend to be to steampunk audiences, however her style is Electro Swing.

There just aren’t enough songs about being ginger, so come join her – Madam Misfit – On an enticing, exciting adventure into the weird and wonderful world of a Red Haired Misfit. The track tackles the various stereotypes and cliches associated with being ginger and in turn transforms those who dare enter my wonderful world into a beloved army of Red Haired geeks. The music video was recorded in May 2019 outside the Lincoln Asylum along with members of Lincoln Steampunk Society along with special guest Professor Elemental.

For coming up productions in the future she has teamed up with Odd Chap. We are very exciting what there will happen hopefully soon!

Madam Misfit on Bandcamp: madammisfit.bandcamp.com

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