Marina & The Kats

What started as an idea sparked over Swing music in a classic Austrian pub in Graz, quickly turned into a unique musical sensation.

Since their move to Vienna, Marina & The Kats have been making waves on the international scene, introducing a distinct style they call “Indie Swing”. Like non other, they prove necessity is the mother of invention with what has now become their trademark: “Shared Drums”.

While their bass player is not only responsible for his E-bass but also the bass drum, Marina plays an additional two, and Hari takes care of cymbals and toms.

Their fulminant debut “Small” (2015) has found wide recognition, resulting in an ACA award (2016) as well as more than 90 live shows a year in countries like Israel, Hungary, Luxemburg, and the USA.

The band made the most of the pandemic years of 2020 and 2021 by doing what they tend to refer to as “fundamental research”, developing their truest and most authentic sound so far. It’s the sound that Marina & The Kats have been aiming for since their initial founding and the sound they will grace international stages with in the near future.

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