Oscar Alvarez Rifbjerg, professionally known as OB3one or simply Obi, is based in Copenhagen (Denmark) since 2007. Grew up in Alala de Guadaira, a town out of Seville (Spain). He is a jazz pianist, Electro Awing DJ/Live act and music producer.

His father is from Spain and his mother from Denmark, she is the daughter of the late Danish writer Klaus Rifbjerg(1931-2015).
Obi’s first contact with music is through his uncle, the danish jazz drummer (Frands Rifbjerg) who gave him a Miles Davis record for his 8 year old birthday, and that made a serious impact on him. He started playing piano at the age of 7, learning from some of the best jazz pianists from all around the world. He has already performed with many different artists and various projects throughout Europe, South America and Africa.

OB3one is currently working on his first Electro Swing album. A project emanated from his passion for jazz and electronic music. Most of his inspiration comes from Parov Stelar, Caravan Palace, Wolfgang Lohr, as well as Balduin, G-Swing, Swing Republic, Jamie Berry, Caro Emerald, among many others…

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