Parov Stelar - Brass Devil Teaser


Gepostet von Parov Stelar am Freitag, 6. März 2020

Parov Stelar – Brass Devil (New Single)

It seems that Parov Stelar is back again or has he never left the Electro Swing genre? On his last album “The Burning Spider” from 2017 there were only 3 Electro Swing tracks on and they were hidden at the back of the album, the closer tracks.

With “Mambo Rap”, “Gringo” and “Snake Charmer”, typical Parov Stelar productions were released during the last years, which can be classified as Electro Swing, mixed with Balkan, Soul and Rap elements and styles. In between, however, there were always experiments and publications that tend towards Electro Pop. Why not, artistic freedom?

And tomorrow comes his new Single “Brass Devil” and it sounds like pure Swing House by Parov Stelar, like in the good old days, like the most of his fans would love it. It’s taken from his comin’ up EP Voodoo Sonic Part 2. The release of “Brass Devil” is on Friday March 13th, how diabolical!

Stream & Download “Parov Stelar – Brass Devil” Here!

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