Riff Kitten – Jazzy Cuts
Electro Swing Thing #022

Riff Kitten presents his new EP ‘Jazzy Cuts,’ comprised of five memorable loungey tracks offering a fresh spin on modern Swing. Building upon his trademark groovy Downtempo style, he tastefully blends in several classic Swing elements, including colorful Jazz harmonies and licks played by a vibrant ensemble of piano, guitar, and horns. From the lively saxophone hooks in ‘Swing Days,’ to the head-bobbing piano backbeat of ‘Ain’t It Good,’ to the hauntingly beautiful lilt of ‘Nostalgia,’ each piece has a separate character, with a wide range of moods and vibes that offer something special to any swing fanatic. It’s already our 22th release and it’s Lounge Swing at it’s best!

01. Riff Kitten – Ain’t It Good
02. Riff Kitten – Swing Days
03. Riff Kitten – Nostalgia
04. Riff Kitten – I Wonder Why
05. Riff Kitten – Kicked To The Curb

Release Date: 2019-10-04


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