Antoine Villoutreix – Wie Wunderschön (Wolfgang Lohr Remix)
Electro Swing Thing #037

Antoine Villoutreix is a French singer-songwriter, living in Berlin. He writes and performs not only in French, but also in German or English. In his songs he mixes a lot of influences: Chanson meets Folk and Swing, or Rock. With the remix of Antoine Villoutreix’s composition “Wie Wunderschön”, Wolfgang Lohr brought more beat and groove into his Neo Swing interpretation. Wolfgang Lohr’s remix fits perfectly with the Christmas season, because it’s about the essentials of humanity. How wonderful it would be if there were peace everywhere, if there were no wars, if people were empathetic and gave each other love… “Wie Wunderschön” would and could that be?

1. Antoine Villoutreix – Wie Wunderschön (Wolfgang Lohr Remix)
2. Antoine Villoutreix – Wie Wunderschön (Wolfgang Lohr Remix – Instrumental)

Release Date: 2019-12-23



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