Dreams Shadow – Born Swing
Electro Swing Thing #056

Dreams Shadow is a young and the only Electro Swing project from Moscow in Russia. Their sound and style are a great mix of many musical influences. Electro Swing from Russia is something new and they have a tight and pumpy groove, passion and soul in their own compositions! In Russia Dreams Shadow are local heros and have played gigs on all the big major festivals. Their music is rotating on loads of Russian radio stations and in all parks of the country!

The Front-woman of the band is Natalia Pugacheva, A participant in “The Voice” and semifinalists of “New Star” casting show. She says about the band: «We’ve been educated with different music genres: Jazz, Swing, Funk, Blues, Electronic music, Rock and Classical. Dreams Shadow‘s music breaks all boundaries of usual understanding of modern music by finding itself in Electro swing and Nu Jazz. Once you taste our creation, you either will just smile and feel warm fresh breeze of something new and unusual, or fall in love with our songs, lyrics, music, and be our faithful listener!

01. Dreams Shadow – Born Swing (Radio Edit)
02. Dreams Shadow – Born Swing (Club Mix)
03. Dreams Shadow – Born Swing (Instrumental)

Release Date: 2020-03-27


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