Honky Crew feat. Dani Milano – Get Up
Electro Swing Thing #074

The Honky Crew is back! For the new single ‘Get Up’, the Hungarian producer duo teamed up with Italian singer Dani Milano and wrote a new Neo Swing smasher. The Honky Crew are again working with the ragtime piano, a lively saxophone and with the soft voice of Dani Milano. Swing House club beats meet catchy melodies and swinging vintage grooves!

Dani Milano is a professional vocalist based in London and originally from Milan. She has a strong performance background and studio experience in the UK, Emirates and Italy, a very passionate artist with a glaring and profound stage presence. Dani has a Jazz background and her versatile vocals together with innate creativity and sense of style allow her to suit diverse music projects and collaborations across different genres and cultures.

01. Honky Crew feat. Dani Milano – Get Up (Radio Edit)
02. Honky Crew feat. Dani Milano – Get Up (Club Mix)
03. Honky Crew feat. Dani Milano – Get Up (Instrumental)

Release Date: 2020-06-19

Composer: Laszlo Tamasi & Gabor Farkas
Lyrics: Dani Milano

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