LVDS & Alanna Lyes feat. FatherlyShrimp – One Taste
Electro Swing Thing #084

LVDS, the established Swing Hop artist from the Netherlands, teamed up with Alanna Lyes again. The new track “One Taste” is a very smooth and chilled track, with a dose of Hip Hop, Swing elements, Rap and the coolness from Italo Western, with a Mexico trumpet at it’s best. Alanna Lyes voice fits excellent here and the rap feature from FatherlyShrimp completes it. A summer tune that knows how to cool you down with its massive and fat beats… One taste that connects!

01. LVDS & Alanna Lyes feat. FatherlyShrimp – One Taste

Release Date: 2020-08-21

Composer: Laurens van der Smissen
Lyrics: Alanna Cowley, Jair Plein

Listen here

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