Mr. Jazzek – Break It Up
Electro Swing Thing #108

Mr. Jazzek takes off for a new release! With his latest single “Break It Up” he presents Neo Swing at its best and is just getting started in the new Roaring Twenties. A great combination of vintage jazz horns and shuffling backbeats shows a new facet of the experienced DJ and producer from Szczecin in Poland. Mr. Jazzek delivers Electro Swing on point and constantly creates one crowd pleaser after another! #BreakItUp

01. Mr. Jazzek – Break It Up (Radio Edit)
02. Mr. Jazzek – Break It Up (Club Mix)

Release Date: 2021-03-12

Composer: Jacek Janaszkiewicz
Mix & Mastering Engineer:
Tomasz Matuszak
© + ℗ 2021 Electro Swing Thing

Bio – Mr. Jazzek

Mr. Jazzek (Jacek Janaszkiewicz) DJ/Producer from Szczecin (Poland). He started dj-ing in 1991, playing at parties with music (Funk, Soul, House). In the years 1995-97 he was the resident of the iconic club Quo Vadis in Szczecin. Since 1997, he collaborated with New Music Art (Techno Dance Mission). In 1999 he took part in the Polish DMC Championships and he was a finalist in this competition. He was chosen as a promoter for the international Red Bull Music Academy.

The artist cooperates with musicians who play with him during gigs and together they form  a 5-person band on stage. Since 2014, Mr. Jazzek and the pianist Krzysztof Baranowski co-created  the Jazzowski project, which re-released the biggest Polish hits of pop music in the club atmosphere.  Their biggest hit in 2015 was Jazzowski Feat. Mr. Zoob – Mój jest ten kawałek podłogi which became the hit of the summer of Polish Radio. FM / Chicago, number one for many weeks in Radio PLK / Dublin and power play on Polish Radio London. To this day, this song has often been played on many radio stations.

Mr. Jazzek belongs to the elite of DJs / producers Electro Swing / Swing House and is a precursor of this genre in Poland. His songs can be found on many music compilations. In 2018 he released the album VINTAGE / Limited Edition. Mr. Jazzek performs as a DJ, duet, trio and a band creating an unforgettable musical show in the retro atmosphere.

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