Marc Spieler – You
Electro Swing Thing #110

The producer, saxophonist and DJ Marc Spieler has created a new Swing House track, with strong Tech House influences and a pushing groove. “You” is a straight forward number that combines many styles and yet cannot hide its Electro Swing roots. A strong piece and another release from the Germany-based sidekick of Sound Nomaden! We think it’s something for you as well! #You

01. Marc Spieler – You (Radio Edit)
02. Marc Spieler – You (Club Mix)

Release Date: 2021-03-26

Composer: Marc Spieler
© + ℗ 2021 Electro Swing Thing

Bio – Marc Spieler

Marc Spieler is a DJ and producer who not only brings his music closer to the dance-mad audience in vibrant live sets, but lives them through and through.
As the founder of Lust & Laune and the Electro Swing Paradise, he discovered the love to hang up alongside his live sax project MSP.

In addition to his live sax project MSP, he has found his passion for djing. The soulful sets lift the mood to a very special level that just gets under the skin. The openness to different influences of diverse music styles shoot the sound experience into a unique orbit!

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