LVDS & Sonia Elisheva – Meet Me At Sunrise
Electro Swing Thing #130

LVDS and Sonia Elisheva have teamed up again and a real Roaring Twenties banger came out. “Meet Me At Sunrise” is a very modern and chilly Electro Swing track that is groovy and bears the signature of Swing Hop producer LVDS from the Netherlands.

It sounds like something new and fresh with the synth horns and deep bass groove, so let’s call it “Future Swing”. The talented singer Sonia Elisheva, who grew up in the UK, takes the composition to the next level with her soulful and jazzy vocal note. It could become a real classic in the Neo Swing genre and maybe mark the way for a new style.

Look forward to a great official music video for this release that the dream team shot in the Golden Twenties aesthetic! #MeetMeAtSunrise #FutureSwing

01. LVDS & Sonia Elisheva – Meet Me At Sunrise

Release Date: 2021-07-16

Composer: Laurens van der Smissen
Author: Sonia Gammerman
Producer & Arranger: Laurens van der Smissen
Singer: Sonia Elisheva
Mastering Engineer: Markus Gaetano Müller (Perla Audio)
© + ℗ 2021 Electro Swing Thing

Bio – Sonia Elisheva

A blend of 1920s meets 2020s, Sonia Elisheva is known for her sultry jazz tones, presenting a modern twist on traditional swing vocals. She came onto the electro-swing scene in 2020, featuring on the title track from LVDS’ Golden Days album.

Growing up in the UK to an English Mother and a Russian Father, Sonia was raised listening to a wide array of different musical artists. However, it was the attitude of British female singer-songwriters in the mid 2000s, such as Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen, that really shaped her vocal style.

Capturing audiences with her unique mix of soulful swing, Sonia is currently working with some big names in the ES world, and will release her first EP in 2021.

Bio – LVDS

Ushering in the new but flavored with the old, Netherlands-based Electro Swing producer LVDS charters a ‘no-boundaries’ approach to his productions. He has subsequently built up a name for himself as one of the genre’s rising stars to watch in 2021 and beyond.

Based in the South of the Netherlands, his childhood was packed with a rich pool of musical influences, all of which have helped form his sound that acts as a time warp back to the Roaring Twenties. Combining exquisite vintage samples with crisp drums and modern musical twists, LVDS is placing the final touches on his debut album.

Dropping through “Electro Swing Thing Records” on ‘Golden Days’ (2020-12-18), is a 15 track retro frenzy album of “Swing Hop” beats that encapsulates both LVDS’ diversity and abundance of talent that he holds as a producer.

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