Tony Wellin – Mississippi Mud
Electro Swing Thing #136

Stop no. 2 from Tony Wellin ‘s time travel with Mississippi Mud…and we are not talking about the pie! Here the Roaring Twenties meet the contemporary die hard dancers and the result is such a peculiar and happy Electro Swing track! With a tight club beat, classic disco bassline and some vintage samples, Tony Wellin gives life to a classic prohibitionism production combinig it with House, EDM and Italo Disco. Let’s open the speakeasy… and the clubs! #MississippiMud #DiscoSwing

01. Tony Wellin – Mississippi Mud
02. Tony Wellin – Mississippi Mud (Club Mix)

Release Date: 2021-09-21

Composer & Producer: Mattia Iannarelli
Mastering Engineer: Markus Gaetano Mueller (Perla Audio)
© + ℗ 2021 Electro Swing Thing

Biography – Tony Wellin

Music Producer, raised in the heart of the Roman Empire, Tony Wellin was an appreciated EDM DJ, but his virtual encounter with the lost generation made him fall in love with the 20s. Obsessed with a resurgence of fast-paced swing rhythms, he is constantly looking for a sound that can perfectly synthesize the joy and the rhythm of swing, with the strength and danceabilty of electronic music.

Despite the excellent results obtained by his singles with almost 250k streams achieved with his debut one Is He Dead, Taking advantage of the fact that the clubs are temporarily closed and his remarkable DJ skills are hidden from the world, Tony Wellin’s musical experimentation has reached unexpected levels and led him to take a very unorthodox decision in our Genre. Disco Swing (or swingwave if you like it!) is the new way to go!

No more Heavy Wobble Bass or hard Kick! The time has come for synthesizers and sequencers to let go of overwhelming and psychedelic loops on which old samples and powerful vocals can create unique tracks. Maybe Tony Wellin‘s crazy, but what if he’s right?

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