Wlad Ginzburg – Tacheles (ROMZN Remix)
Electro Swing Thing #156

Wlad Ginzburg’s “Tacheles” to celebrate a revival with ROMZN!

Wlad Ginzburg and ROMZN have teamed up to create a fresh new version of Wlad’s 2021 hit “Tacheles”.

The ROMZN remix enhances the original and turns the song into a driving Klezmer-/House-hybrid with playful melodies and sawing bass synths.

Traditional percussion, and vocal shouts make for a straight-to-the-point production that speaks “Tacheles” like the traditional Yiddish proverb itself.

01. Wlad Ginzburg – Tacheles (ROMZN Remix)
02. Wlad Ginzburg – Tacheles (ROMZN Remix) [Instrumental]

Release Date: 2022-04-22

Composer & Lyrics: Wladimir Ginzburg
Producer & Remixer: Roman Andor Krotil
© + ℗ 2022 Electro Swing Thing

Vocals, Clarinet, Saxophone: Wladimir Ginzburg
Drums: Jenia Ginzburg
Trumpet: Dennis Ginzburg
Guitar: Igor Osypov
Piano & Bass: Stanislav Juraschewski
Backing Vocals, Balalaika, Darbuka, Riq: Roman Andor Krotil

Biography – Wlad Ginzburg

Berlin based producer Wlad Ginzburg is a classically trained musician playing Jazz and Chamber Music with several ensembles in Germany and all over the world.

Experimenting with various other styles of music he developed his love for Electro Swing and released his debut single “Tacheles” in 2021.

He singlehandedly merges his different musical influences and creates a unique sound that is likely to become part of part of our daily playlist this year.

Biography – ROMZN

Originally created as a Pop producer-alias Roman Andor Krotil has already come a long way with his works as ROMZN. Highly influenced by electronic & ethno producers such as KSHMR and Emancipator the producer has already pulled his spin on several artists producing for the likes of Nawal, Frido, Psaiko.Dino, as well as remixing Electro-Swing artists Masha Ray and Balduin.

The multi-instrumentalist uses a wide range of organic samples, mostly of his own recordings with Brass, Flutes, Lutes, and other instruments. The result is a fusion of traditional folk sounds with modern beats and styles such as Trap, Slap House & Drum‘n‘Bass. ROMZN is currently preparing his Debut EP.

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