The Stargazers – Keep Cool and Carry On (Glenn Gatsby Remix)
Electro Swing Thing #168

Keep Cool and Carry On and sing this happy song….

In 2017 British Rock’n’Roll Oldies “The Stargazers” released their first LP “Keep on Jiving” after a musical break of 20 years.

Glenn Gatsby has now discovered their latest work and blesses us with his remix of “Keep Cool and Carry On”.

An intro full of jungle drums and iconic early 2000s hints, followed by a smooth drum groove add a modern touch to the original track while leaving its organic soul untouched.

“Keep Cool and Carry On” is an invitation to not take oneself too seriously. To sing, to dance and to celebrate life in spite of all the bad news.

So, let’s get ready to celebrate this modern take on a Rock`n`Roll comeback!

01. The Stargazers – Keep Cool and Carry On (Glenn Gatsby Remix)
02. The Stargazers – Keep Cool and Carry On (Glenn Gatsby Remix – Instrumental)

Release Date: 2022-07-29

Composer & Lyrics: Daniel Brittain
Producer: Wolfgang Lohr
Label: Electro Swing Thing / EST168
© + ℗ 2022 Electro Swing Thing

Daniel Brittain
Peter Davenport
Saxophone: A
aron Liddard
James Gerard Russel
Matt Radford
James Rowan
Arranger & Engineer:
Wolfgang Lohr

Biography – The Stargazers

The Stargazers formed in 1981 during the big Rockin’ Revival era and released their first single ‘Groove Baby Groove’ on Epic Records 40 years ago (!) in 1982.

There have been a few line up changes but singer Danny Brittain and guitarist Peter Davenport have been ever present in, what has become known as one of the UK’s finest Big Beat Jive bands.

They have toured all over the world, supported Elton John and Shakin’ Steven on tour in the 80s and played with Bill Haley’s Comets and shared the stage with countless other rock n roll legends.

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