Madam Misfit – Chu Chi Face
Electro Swing Thing #189

“Don’t leave me begging you please”, this Valentines Day!

Madam Misfit is back with a release from her second album “Pandoras Box” that proves once more how versatile an artist can be.

While “Skin you’re in” borrows from vintage Soul and Boom bap, the Chap Hop queen has experimented with classical music elements as well and now presents “Chu Chi Face”, an ode to the feeling of helplessly falling for someone.

Channeling the comedic side Madam Misfit is so well known for, she dresses it in imagery of candy and other sweet enticements. So, let’s celebrate Valentine’s with her, whether you may be in love or not.

This one is surely gonna make you dance!

01. Madam Misfit – Chu Chi Face

Release Date: 2023-02-14

Label: Electro Swing Thing / EST189
Composer & Lyricist: Sarah Paul
Producer: Vladislav Zaika
Mastering Engineer: Markus Gaetano Müller (Perla Audio)
© + ℗ 2023 Electro Swing Thing

Biography – Madam Misfit

“voice of pure sunshine” Professor Elemental
“An exponent in the genre of Steampunk and Electro Swing…” Electroswing Thing
“Madam Misfit has created ripples with her mesmerizing and scintillating music” Issue Wire
“…a magnificent singer” Daily Music Roll

Welcome to the “Wonderful World of a Red Haired Misfit…”

The extraordinary, the peculiar, the misunderstood and the “can’t quite put my finger on it” add a beat and a sprinkle of humour and this is what you get!

Standing strong for all the misfits of the world, Madam Misfit is an advocate for fellow red heads releasing her first track entitled “Red Haired Misfit” to turn the many negatives pinpointed at this wonderful hair colour on its head.

She is into her second year now as an established artist and there’s no stopping her. With her debit album “Elixir of Swing” storming its way into peoples hearts, she’s back with more toe tapping delights.

Concentrating on collaborations, her track “The Grinch” with Wolfgang Lohr was a huge success and a real earworm at Christmas, also dropping “The Big Bad Wolf” which appeared on the Bart and Bakers “Electro Swing Party V3”, the very duo that introduced her to the genre.

2021 has seen her releasing with Russian artist “Crazy Red Balls” with Lollipop, pushing the swing genre to its limits and she also featured on clarinet on a B side release with label “Freshly Squeezed” produced by Riff Kitten “Renegade Rag”

Her musical career began as military musician, spanning almost 2 decades with the Royal Air Force as a clarinettist, she has performed on stages all over the world from the Newcastle to New Zealand.

“I’ve really enjoyed bringing my own instrumental samples to my mixes, the problem is, I need to learn when to stop, I love harmonising and creating unique passages, it becomes quite addictive”

The inspiration behind her music comes from her love of the 1920s – 1940s vintage styling and music, twinned with a bit of tongue and cheek humour

Her musical genre ranges from Electroswing to Chaphop, with her comical rap lyrics gradually becoming her identity within the music industry and many steampunk festivals across the UK.

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