Retronic & Audiokitchen – Now or Never
Electro Swing Thing #197

It’s now or never…

Right on time with spring just settling in, we’re getting summer vibes for the first time this year: Retronic & Audiokitchen deliver a smooth, lounge track that will likely set the tone for all of your open-air gatherings and parties to come.

A catchy piano line, up-tempo beat, and empowering vocals make for a feel-good song that is likely to get stuck in your head immediately.

Are you ready for the warmer season? Then go discover your perfect soundtrack!

01. Retronic & Audiokitchen – Now or Never
02. Retronic & Audiokitchen – Now or Never (Instrumental)

Release Date: 2023-04-14

Label: Electro Swing Thing / Catalog No: EST197
Composer & Lyrics: Lennart Vonau
Producer, Engineer & Arranger: Lennart Vonau
© + ℗ 2023 Electro Swing Thing

Biography – Retronic

From a foreign galaxy light-years away, musical robot Retronic was sent to planet earth in the 1920s to help invent innovative new genres, styles, and grooves.

His mission seemed successful until an evil professor, who shall not be named, deactivated him in the early 1940s.

More than 70 years later, his lifeless body was discovered in Nashville, Tennessee, where he was finally reactivated and set out to combine the best of vintage and modern music.

He draws from the eras he was most active in and feeds his algorithm with the sounds of his new environment, creating a contemporary yet nostalgic genre called Future Swing.

Biography – Audiokitchen

Audiokitchen is a multi-genre project. From Chillhop to Melodic House to Pop… and if you think you’ve tried them all and enjoyed almost every beat, think again and try one of Audiokitchen’s harmonious dishes.

Served with the best ingredients, always combining the love of food & music. His diverse productions will even take your mind to other scenes & places.
There are many more creative combinations to come. Stay tasteful and enjoy his latest dish with AI Robot Retronic “Now or Never”.

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