Lil Mishka Band & Szigeti Juli – Long Train Runnin’
Electro Swing Thing #201

Without love, where would you be now? A question that never gets old…

Lil Mishka Band and Szigeti Juli have teamed up to recreate an absolute classic: The Doobie Brother’s “Long Train Running” gets a completely new twist, paired with Gypsy Jazz guitars and Juli’s pure vocals, and becomes an intimate, acoustic Swing tune that promises to make you dance.

Get ready to rediscover this hit like you’ve never heard it before! #NeoSwing #LongTrainRunnin

01. Lil Mishka Band & Szigeti Juli – Long Train Runnin’

Release Date: 2023-05-12

Label: Electro Swing Thing / EST201
Composer & Lyrics: Tom Johnston
Publisher: Windecor Publishing
© + ℗ 2023 Electro Swing Thing

Vocals: Juli Szigeti
Violin: Taras Rubay
Guitars: Af Anasi Pen Duke
Bass: Eduard Ragimov
Arranger, Mixing & Mastering Engineer: Eduard Ragimov

Biography – Szigeti Juli

Szigeti Juli, a vibrant & energizing member of the electro swing family. Szigeti Juli is one of the few representatives in Hungary of the amazing music style: electro swing. Juli, the singer, founded the band 1,5 years ago after she returned back home from abroad.

She spent a year in China where she attended two talent shows, and she was fortunate enough to win the third place in both contests. She and her band started to have tours all over China, but after a year she decided to come back to Europe. She spent another year in London, UK where she was organizing and attending jam sessions, open mics etc with a team. Than homeland called and she returned back to Hungary. With all of her experiences and knowledge she founded her own band, as she found her real path: the mesmerizing electro swing. They are a group of 4, including Apor, a drummer on a drumpad, Zoli, a guitarist and Máté, a saxophonist. The musicians are all studied at the Jazz Academy in Hungary, but also know a lot about electronic music. This is how their pulsating & unique combination of music comes alive which not only reminds you of the great old style of swing, but makes your legs move & dance to the modern rhythms.

They put their best into their music and that can also be seen in their stage presence. Watching & hearing them will give you a happy vibe and it is 100% granted that you will leave their concert with joy in your heart and smile on your face.

Their goal is to make people happy with their work and make people dance to great music.
Check them out now, we bet you can’t resist either!

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