Bella Di Notte Remix Review

Jive To The Electro Swing Module Of ‘Bella Di Notte’, A Robust Remix By Wolfgang Lohr

The jazzy customizations of swing music have now found pronouncement in sinewy modulations of electronic groove. Presenting a hybrid touch of the contemporary extravaganza that conspicuously lets out the flavors of electro swing, neo-swing, deep house, and tech house in a harmonious symbiosis is music community Electro Swing Thing. time, they has lent their creative notes to remixing the song ‘Bella Di Notte’ for Italian Neo Swing band Free Shots in a collaboration with DJ and producer Wolfgang Lohr.

The 19th release from the house of Electro Swing Thing has been formulated with the creative distortions and production support placed by Wolfgang Lohr himself. ‘Bella Di Notte’ is a bustling transcendence that utilizes the best elements of Electro Swing riffs and licks that pierces the audience creative mind to give them a taste of its glorious expressions. Assorting a captivating scope of contemporary electro realism deconstructing swing streams in a compatible caricature, Wolfgang Lohr is redefining sound theories with an individualistic edge.

The creative lineage of this German churner has over hundreds of tracks and innumerable collaborations to his name. He may have taken the years of justification and remodeling to finally discover his sound in Electro swing, but once he did, there has been no hindrance to his tremendous workflow. This time, he has buckled up his saddle by featuring for Free Shots and confer his interpretations of thematic depiction in ‘Bella Di Notte’ with Electro Swing Thing as the foundational membrane of the entire structure.

The creative bundle between Electro Swing Thing, Free Shots, and Wolfgang Lohr has led to the resurgence of swing in a new avatar. Electro Swing Thing’s spectrum as a record label, blog, and community has already curated and presented their unparalleled creative splendor. With Wolfgang Lohr as the unconventional mastermind surrounding the constructing of ‘Bella Di Notte’, the anticipation is at an all-time high.

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Review: issuewire.com Date: 2019-09-28

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