Review: Kiwistar & Josh and Le Chat – BVLKVN

The Musical Collaboration Of Kiwistar And Josh And Le Chat In Song ‘Bvlkvn’ Exemplifies Creative Greatness

Groove to the best Balkan musical themes in a creative confluence with electronic modulation in Kiwistar and Josh and Le Chat’s new collaboration, ‘BVLKVN’.

Musical and creative inclusiveness has paved the way for yet another resurgence along the cultural lines of Balkan and its dynamic association with electronic modulations and the result is outstanding. The creative collaboration between Kiwistar and Josh and Le Chat has led to a mesmerizing and undulating musical course that utilizes the cultural eccentricity of Balkan and Klezmer essences. Their song ‘Bvlkvn’ takes the audience on a relaxing journey of freedom and creative individuality. The song is the ideal anthem for a day party that accurately sets the ambiance for free-flowing musical streaming.

The song ‘BVLKVN’ brims with longing and passion that is beautifully presented through the blends of electronic club mixes along with the creative depth of Electro Swing and Balkan grooves. The song is a balanced dance number which can be enjoyed in a crowd and also on your own. The creative collaboration between the French-Indian DJ and producer and Josh and Le Chat has opened the windows to bigger scopes of musical redemption. Associated with the label Electro Swing Thing Records, they have collectively exemplified the cultural stanzas of genres like Balkan, electronic, tech and deep house, techno, electro swing, and more to a whole new degree.

The crossover between Kiwistar and Josh And Le Chat has resulted in a mellifluous arena of contemporary musical prospects that will contribute to the evolution of music in the years to come. The variety and diversity of music are prominent as they open their hearts out to welcome new sounds, influences, and inspirations to expand their arc. Follow them on Spotify, Facebook, and Soundcloud for a captivating musical melange.

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Review by IssueWire Date: 2020-07-17

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