Review Twenties Dress

The Enchanting Instrumentation Of ‘Twenties Dress’
By The Aspiring Glenn Gatsby Is Rhythmically Soothing

Wondering through smooth electronic dance music and a captivating structural development, Glenn Gatsby’s latest track ‘Twenties Dress’ is capturing hearts of all.

There is a refreshingly genuine and consistent level of creative brilliance present throughout the new track of the upcoming EDM artist Glenn Gatsby. The musical arrangement of the track ‘Twenties Dress’ makes you wonder about the immense artistry and passion that the artist possesses. The captivating instrumentation makes the audience think about the effort put behind the entire creation of this harmonically soothing musical project. The engaging elements of the soundscape are hard to get rid of. Not a single moment of the track will make you feel like pressing the stop button.

The captivatingly majestic instrumentation and the depth of creativity are a pure example of the versatility of Glenn Gatsby. The blend of various elements draws a line of classification and differentiates it from other EDM tracks. Produced under the label name of Electro Swing Thing, ‘Twenties Dress’ is already hit among the fans of the genre. The artist has showered the track with creativity and turned it into a sonic delight that is unmatchable.

The backdrop of the track is funky and groovy, alluring you to not sit idle and move your feet to the beat. The track progresses through various directions of musicality throughout the entire presentation and subplots introduced comprise of the energy of drowning the audience within the ocean of magnificence. The theme of the entire musical presentation is straightforward and quickly addictive. The intricacies of the structural progress get simplified as you move more into the track!

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Review: IssueWire Date: 2020-02-11

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