Review: Julie Huard – Le Danseur de Charleston

Eminent French singer Julie Huard creates an atmosphere of retro nostalgia with her hypnotic voice and breathtaking melodic cadence in ‘Le danseur de Charleston’.

The thematic beauty of electro-swing music is beyond understanding being rich in a retro rhythm that intertwines with modern and somewhat futuristic resonance in each step establishing an ethereal atmosphere. Mastering the art of combining nostalgic jazz and electro-swing resonance into one mix with a hint of her individual acoustic flavor, the popular French/Dutch singer Julie Huard has gifted not only the French-speaking but the entire musical community of the world with her latest masterpiece ‘Le danseur de Charleston’. Rich in sassy melody, the song reaches its dynamic heights armed with her sultry voice that sends a pleasuring vibe down the ear canal of the audience.

Born and brought up in Utrecht, the Netherlands, the talented musician had been exposed to everything musical being the daughter of the well-known French chansonnier, Fernand Huard. Her affection and passion for French music developed at a very young age and soon she started performing on stage with her father. In 2019 she won the prestigious Prix Liesbeth List for the most promising French musical talent and has become a well-known figure in club scene all over the globe.

Working with the renowned production house Electro Swing Thing, Julie Huard is imparting her incredible exuberance and creative artistry across the globe breaking all geographical and language barriers. Her recent single ‘Le danseur de Charleston’ is the epitome of quality swing music opulent with all the necessary elements of the genre and especially her hypnotic vocal skills!

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Review by ISSUEWIRE Date: 2020-11-03

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