Review: Marc Spieler – Mama

The well-versed DJ and saxophonist Marc Spieler churns out special melodies of jazz and vehemently mixes with the contemporary swing electronic beats in ‘Mama’.

Bringing out the best from the fusion of the tuneful retro style and head-banging grooves of electronica soundscape, the German saxophonist Marc Spieler produces his shapeshifting musicality with the latest music release ‘Mama’. The cool staccatos of striking dance music in the colors of old-fashioned jazz melodies say a lot more about the remarkable DJ. Inspired by his love of mixing tunes and producing homogenous sound effects, he brought together two far-fetched worlds of illuminating music in the new song that collides with the traditional rhythms of Jazz and the signature style of fast-paced swing rolls. The song has sassy grooves and mind-blowing drops that create a hypnotic atmosphere in the mind of the listeners.

Marc Spieler is an aspiring DJ hailing from Germany who has captured the whole industry with his flair for challenging musicality. His vibrant live set up puts the audiences in a trace. He is a well-known music producer who carries serious fervor for his cultural roots and conceptualizes the avant-garde blend of energetic hooks in every song. He owns renowned production labels such as Lust & Laune and the Electro Swing Paradise. Fans are engrossed with his magnificent live sax project MSP and can’t stop chanting his name.

‘Mama’ is an epic dance number with mad beats of neo-swing and the pristine sound of gypsy guitar strings. The bouncy sound of fat drums and crisp vocals in the song will make you fly. It has the distinctive touches of ambient piano and violin strums that separate it from the generic sound of EDM. Listen to all the songs from the DJ on Spotify and stay tuned on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest news related to his new gigs and projects HERE!

Review by ISSUEWIRE Date: 2020-11-23

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