Review – Music Has The Power

‘Music Has The Power’ By Deladap Feat. Melinda Stoika &
Wolfgang Lohr Is Rhythmically Enchanting

Get groovy with the funky beats and entertaining lyrics of the remix of ‘Music Has The Power’ by the trio of Deladap, Melinda Stoika, and Wolfgang Lohr.

Groovy, funky, and captivating beats return with the release of the remix radio edit version of ‘Music Has the Power’. The enchanting ambiance created around the listeners through the musically entrancing elements of the track is mesmerizing to witness. Deladap featuring Melinda Stoika on vocals and Wolfgang Lohr as remixer are the engineers behind this wonderful musical piece. Produced under Chat Chapeau Nouveau (Kontor New Media Music), this is one of the most happening tracks of this year and already a hit among the mass. Seeing this massive response, it can be said that it is surely going to be picked up by DJs for Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties.

Deladap, the Electro Swing band has been the architect behind many entertaining and cool tracks. The group has always wanted to spread joy and fun through their tracks. Wolfgang Lohr, on the other hand, has been a famous face in the electronic music scene since 2011. Among his 100+ musical tracks, there are numerous hit remixes of famous artists.

This remix version of ‘Music Has The Power’ works perfectly for the inner dancer of every party lover. It brings happiness out of the soul of the listener through his/her dance steps. The cheerful vibes carried out by the vocal of Melinda Stoika through the verse ‘Get Up and Move Your Body’ won’t let you sit quietly when the track is being played at a high volume!

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Review: issuewire.com Date: 2019-11-25

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