Crazy Red Balls Has Splendidly Edged Out The Brilliant
And Enthralling Electro Swing Track ‘Moon Fly’

The fascinating band Crazy Red Balls has come up with the mesmerizing number ‘Moon Fly’. The electro-swing band has created a rage with their impeccable track.
A stunning performance has been put out by the talented band members of Crazy Red Balls in their latest track. They have come up with the magnificent track ‘Moon Fly’ in the electro-swing genre. The international band has members like Vladimir Uspenskii in banjo, guitar, and vocal, in double-bass, there is Oriol Fontanals. The other band members are Artem Zhuliev and Haizea Martiartu Garcia in sax and the washboard and vocal there is Quico Cuco Cutre. Globally they collaborate with other musicians to dish out traditional jazz.

In the fascinating number ‘Moon Fly’ by the prolific band Crazy Red Balls there are multiple layers as the fans set sail to an electronic dreamland. The classy musical stuff is made with an unwavering passion that is quite exciting and has elements of fun. Some other band members are ILya Mateev, Julio Marques Adogilo, Sergio Mesa, Alex Baychuk, Juan Trabal, and Queralt Camps. To know more about the band members and their upcoming ventures, one can log on to their Facebook and Instagram handle and check out the shared updates.

The breathtaking energy in the track has subtle raw beats that are blended with exquisite loops by the band members. The hot swing music band which is based out of Barcelona has shown their panache in singing hot jazz numbers that are from the ’30s and ’40s. They have come up with remarkable tracks like ‘Ululu’, ‘Thank You’, and ‘Bom Bom’. To listen to their irrepressible numbers, one can plug on to popular music streaming sites like Spotify and SoundCloud.

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Review by IssueWire Date: 2020-06-30

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